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BreakDown of New Hampshire Primary Voter/Citizen Participation.


I have decided to do a second one of these blog posts to give those at the Lake a feel for the participatory zeal of the citizenry in 2012. Or as we say in General assemblies, take a “temperature check” to decide whether to continue to bother further with this particular folderol.

Acording to the 2010 census New Hampshire has a total population of 1,316,470, less 21.8% to account for those under the age of 18 and an additional 5.2% for those who are not citizens, we are left with 961,023 citizens who could register to vote. Of those potential voters 80% are actually registered and therefore eligible to vote, for a total of 767, 383 registered voters. Or put another way…….. right from the get go, 1 out of 5 New Hampshire citizens could give a shit less.

The New Hampshire Eagle Tribune states here, that in 2008 New Hampshire had a total of 863,542 registered voters, so this year’s total of 767,383 is a decline in overall participation of 11%.

The New Hampshire Secretary of State’s Election Division shows the registered voter break out as follows :

Democrats        @  29%  or  223,151

Republicans      @  30%  or  231,611

Independents     @  41%  or  312,621
& others

So if you add Republicans to Independents you get to 544,232 voters eligible to participate in the GOP primary.

The following is the vote tally of participation in the GOP primary from The Guardian (UK) :

****These numbers are now finals with 100% of precincts reporting.****

Mitt Romney placed first with 39.3% of the votes cast and 7  delegates, Ron Paul placed second with 22.9% of the votes cast and 3 delegates, and Jon Huntsman placed third with 16.9% of the votes cast and 2 delegates. 

An interesting aside…….. is that of those who did participate in the GOP primary approximately 45% of them were Independents.

Of the voters who were registered to vote in last night’s New Hampshire GOP primary a total of 245,213 actually did. That works out to 45% participation (if you do not factor in Democrats or those who were eligible but did not even bother to register).

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Robert Alexander Dumas