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A moment of piety from the last Gilded Age: “Let us prey.”

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A Group of Vultures waiting for the storm to blow over: “Let us prey.”
Thomas Nast-


Some say that “history repeats itself” and that today we are having a rebirth of the Gilded Age that America experienced at the turn of the 19th to the 20th Century.

I disagree.  They have never stopped.  The plutocrats have been  on a continuum of greed  for over 100 years in the USA. They don’t even seem to realize that they have spoiled their own nest by grabbing more road kill from their broken “free” market Wall Street ideology than they could devour in a lifetime.

Like the vultures in Nast’s cartoon, they don’t see the big rock coming at them and their “free” market.*  And that big rock is the 99% who are waking up, as evidenced by the popularity of Occupy, to the fact that a plutocrat is a plutocrat and party makes no difference.


*Free market means that the plutocrats are free to manipulate the market any way they can that puts money in their pockets.  Just ask Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs or any one of the Wall Street invested multimillionaires in Congress who comprise 44% of our elected federal officials.

It’s not about Republicans.  It’s not about Democrats.  It’s about the plutocrats against the rest of us.  If you don’t know what a plutocrat is, you better find out as you could be their next road kill.  A plutocrat is someone like Nancy Pelosi who increased her wealth in 2008 from $95,980,989  to $124,229,990 in 2009–a whooping $30 million or Pete Sessions from the 32nd US Congressional District in Texas with a net worth of $3,376,000 in 2008 and a net worth of 4,904,000 in 2009.  Thus in the time period in which 2.6 million Americans lost their jobs, Mr. Sessions made $1,528,000 off his Wall Street investments.

Over 200 members of Congress (including Ron Paul) have increased their personal wealth with the Wall Street investments over the past three years.  I hope you’ve been paying enough attention to realize that this was not from job creation.  The way that Wall Street has made money the past three years is by cutting costs–firing workers and selling off assets.  If this is the “American Way” then it needs to be changed.

Our only defense against them is to vote for a member of the 99% who is not beholden to either party–both of which are controlled by vulture capitalists.   Vulture capitalism is NOT the American way of life.  It’s the plutocrat vulture’s way of life and their guano has fouled Main Street almost beyond repair.

It’s time to clean all three houses by removing as many of them as possible in 2012

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