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Second Republican State Senator, Cheryl Pflug, Signs on to Washington’s Marriage Equality Bill

Senator Cheryl Pflug (R-Maple Valley) announced today her support for marriage equality.

I have been a longtime supporter of human equality. I do not feel diminished by having another human being experience the same freedom I am entitled to exercise. I would feel diminished by denying another human the ability to exercise those same rights and freedoms.

Sen. Pflug joins her Republican colleague Sen. Steve Litzow, who announced his support for marriage equality two days ago.

In 2009 Sen. Pflug voted for the Domestic Partnership Expansion Bill (SB 5688). During the last legislative session she voted for every key piece of pro-LGBT legislation, including a bill that put gay and lesbian parents on the same legal footing as straight parents (HB 1267); a bill that provides for the automatic recognition of married same-sex couples from out of state as domestic partners when they are in Washington state (HB 1649); and the safe schools bill (HB 1163).

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Laurel Ramseyer

Laurel Ramseyer