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  • “Days after paying homage to France’s national heroine Joan of Arc, President Nicolas Sarkozy has launched a battle of his own, taking on the international financial markets which many in his country blame for Europe’s economic woes. His announcement that France will press ahead unilaterally with a tax on financial transactions, even without the support of other European nations, has been hailed by supporters as an act of political bravery worthy of the medieval warrior maiden.”
  • “The Swiss National Bank chairman has resigned abruptly, bowing to a public uproar over his private currency deals. Philipp Hildebrand’s decision comes just as a Swiss parliamentary committee is preparing to grill him behind closed doors. His resignation took effect immediately on Monday, Switzerland’s central bank said in a brief statement.”
  • This sounds familiar. “There is no link between rising immigration and rising unemployment, independent economists have found – contradicting persistent claims from anti-immigration activists and politicians that an influx of foreign nationals into the UK in recent years has led to more British-born workers on the dole.”
  • “A military court in Bahrain has sentenced a policeman to more than 12 years in jail for joining protests against the royal family last year. Ali al-Ghanami, a 25-year-old junior police officer, had left his guard post and joined protesters on 17 February 2011 after security forces had cleared a major traffic circle in the capital Manama.”
  • “Most Middle Eastern governments are failing to recognise the significance of the Arab spring and are responding with repression or merely cosmetic change, Amnesty has said. Reform movements showed no sign of flagging despite bloodshed on the streets and arrests last year, the human rights organisation said in its report, Year of Rebellion: State of Human Rights in the Middle East and North Africa.”
  • “When ultra-Orthodox Jewish protesters recently clashed with Israeli government officials over gender segregation in public places, many of the demonstrators played on a link between Israel and Nazism by dressing up as Nazi concentration camp inmates.”
  • Robert Fisk: The shocking truth that killing can be so casual.”
  • “Researchers have released the biggest images yet detailing dark matter, the mysterious substance that makes up 85% of the Universe’s mass. Each image, a billion light-years across, shows vast dark matter clumps and voids scattered through the cosmos.”

From Real News:

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