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DEM NH Primary Result: Obama 82%, Firepups 18%

Since the topic tonight is the NH Primary and not just the NH Republican Primary, we should mention that Obama got 36,000 votes or 82% of the Democratic vote based on 78% of the vote in at 11 pm.

So the size of the Firedog crowd in the Democratic Party has been determined as 18%.


Of course Obama was running against some tough opposition

Those that filed papers to be on the ballot:
Cowan, Ed 683
Supreme, Vermin 622
Terry, Randall A. 337
Haywood, John Davis 311
Freis, Craig “Tax Freeze” 289
Moulton-Ely, Robert “Bob” 222
O’Connor, Cornelius Edward 199
Richardson, Darcy G. 194
Wolfe, John, Jr. 176
O’Donnell, Edward T. 156
Greene, Bob 143
Jordan, Robert B. 108
Tyler, Aldous C. 79
plus all of the votes for the “minor” candidates that did not file.

Congrats to the Firepups – including those that no doubt still do not know they are Firepups! 🙂

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