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What does a South Carolina Primary look like?

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“. . .Not like a Sunday School!”  It is Nasty, Nasty and more Nasty

South Carolina Republican primary voters in 2008 were overwhelmingly protestant, conservative and religious. Exit polls showed nearly two-thirds attended church at least once a week and seven in 10 believed abortion should be illegal.  Ironic, isn’t it, that the  primaries of a such a religiously-defined demographic have a reputation for being so nasty but  they do. In fact, they even boast of it.  A Republican official from SC was recently quoted:  “If you like your politics to be Sunday-school nice and polite, this isn’t the place for you,” said Republican strategist David Woodard, who teaches at Clemson University in South Carolina.”  Source LOL  They even use their religion in metaphors to define their meanness. Now that’s about the level of a skunk in some parts of the country.

South Carolina’s unemployment rate of 9.9 percent – higher than the national average and worse than all but seven other states.  Some say this could make voters more receptive to Romney’s pitch that as a former businessman he knows how to create jobs.  I say it won’t after a week of Newt telling the good people of South Carolina the truth about Mitt Romney and his Bain Capital.  He is not a job creator.  Romney is a job cremator. Once they learn all about what Bain Capital is, Romney is a cooked goose.  Perry actually has the best record for job creation of all the candidates.  Unemployment in Texas is 8.4% an unarguable fact which is likely to sound pretty good to the folks in South Carolina.

Newt  could finish at the top of the heap for South Carolina.  Perry could be second and Romney third.  Ron Paul and Rick Santorum will be somewhere near the bottom of the heap.  Santorum might surprise me, but I doubt it. Catholics are almost as suspect as Mormons in South Carolina.  Huntsman, an unknown Mormon, will be at the bottom of the heap.  Even with his anti-abortion stance, Santorum is a Catholic yankee running in a state that is 4% Catholic and very fundamental protestant.

All bets are off for South Carolina.  If we were strictly profiling it by the books,  Perry would have the best chance for a win in South Carolina: He is white, protestant, and from a poor rural background (South Carolina ranks 13 in the USA for rural population) and unlike Romney, he does have a history of creating jobs.  He is a match–at least on paper.  AND he has millions of dollars backing him from the same people who bankrolled the swiftboat ad campaign against Kerry.   His stance on immigrants doesn’t mean much for the folks of South Carolina (and in Florida it could even be an advantage).

If he can just stop saying ignorant things like calling Obama a ‘socialist’, he might make it.  I know it sounds crazy as hell, but so did the idea of George Bush and look what happened there.  We had that imbecile for two terms.  South Carolina is Perry’s last ditch chance as it is for Gingrich.  It will be very interesting to see what these two.  We don’t have to wait long for Gingrich, his first whack at Romney comes tonight with the Bain Capital ad.


In the final analysis what does the Republican South Carolina Primary mean for the majority of Americans?

It means almost* nothing.  The outcome of the South Carolina means nothing.  The outcome of any of the Republican primaries means nothing in terms of who wins. Regardless what the cat drags up as the nominee for the Republican Party and/or whether  he or Obama wins the  election in November–if either party is able to get a candidate elected nothing of any significance (unless its’ more of bad) will happen to the people of the USA unless we change the faces in Congress.  Anyone who expects some different outcome after the last 20 years of their demonstrated history is a fool.

*Almost — because the ads on Bain Capital on mainstream media in South Carolina that the Gingrich campaign promise to roll out tonight (Jan 9) could possibly educate the American public regarding how private equity corporations make their money (destroying jobs and running up debt).  They will be one more chink in the armor of corporate greed.  Such an ad will do a great deal more than harm Romney’s campaign.  It may become a shot fired–not around the world, but in the foot.


In the final analysis, what will make a difference?  Answer:  The following action and in this order of importance.

1. Replace the majority of the House of Representatives with 99% people who do nor derive their wealth from their investments in publicly traded stock.  We can do this by November of 2012.  We can.

2. Replace the President of the United States with a non-Democrat and a non-Republican–a person who better represents the 99%.  The leadership of BOTH parties is corrupt to the core.  Currently, in my opinion, the best person for the position of president is Jill Stein.  We do this, this year if the people will unite.

3. Replace the majority of the Senate with 99% people who do nor derive their wealth from their investments in publicly traded stock.  This will likely not be accomplished in 2012 simply due to the staggering of their terms.  One way to speed that up is if the other 8 states with the ability to recall federal officials will follow Montana’s example. If so, we might be able to recall 18 senators even BEFORE the election.  Then with those up for election we could conceivably end up replacing close to half of them.  However, the difference in cost between running a Senatorial race and House race is usually quite different AND the larger the state the more cost involved.


The first critical factor in the elections of 2012 is changing the majority of the House of Representatives to members of the 99% who do not personally profit from the current Congressional legitimized crimes of Wall Street Institutions.  These are the people who make the laws.  Little will change until they do.  Since some may not be exactly clear as to exactly who I mean: These “institutions” include private equity or Hedge Fund Groups; and financial corporations such as Goldman Sachs or any of the too big to fail banks; any war contractor corporations such as Lockheed Martin or General Electric; any mining companies (such as those Ron Paul owns stock in); natural gas or oil companies who have a proven record of ignoring the safety of their workers for profit time and again (BP is an example that comes to mind here).  And there are others.  Go here for a fuller, although not complete list.

Even if the 99% were to lose in the Presidential and Senatorial  races, if the people win the House, we could make massive changes to business as usual.

Imagine a House that writes bills that are limited to 25 pages and one topic.

Imagine a House that does not take money from professional lobbyists.

Imagine a House that does not even talk to professional lobbyists

Imagine what a different world with a Congress that actually represented the 99%

It is possible and we can make it happen in 2012.


Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it!

Note: This quote was not written by Goethe, but it is no less true.  It was written by a Scottish Mountaineer by the name of William Hutchinson Murray (1913- 1996).

However, Goethe said something of equal importance.  This quote is from his Faust;

“Now at last let me see some deeds!”


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