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Meet for coffee in PGH, PA?

It is January 9, 2012, and a few months have gone by since I last posted here.  I don’t really know why, I’m often on this site, checking up on Bradley Manning, and OWS, in addition to FDL’s take on whatever seems to show up on HuffPost.  Unfortunately I don’t often take the time to check the many interesting diary entries.  When I do, I’m always entertained, enlightened, or enraged by something I learn.  Should we all have the opportunity to meet in DC one day, this would be the best bunch of folks with whom to have coffee.

My daughter, and her beau, (don’t you just love that quaint expression?) have actually started meeting “ReddIt friends” in Philly this year.  This leads me to ask, are there enough FDL followers in my city to start a coffee group, I wonder?  Unfortunately, Pittsburgh, PA is such a backwater town, politically, I rather doubt I could be so lucky ~ but then who knows?  Is there a way to find out how many FDL members there are, and in which cities they currently reside?

Well, it is winter, gloomy, and momentarily (I hope) I am between jobs, so I’m going to give this a try.  If you live in Pgh, PA, or the surrounding area (I’m in the So. Hills), and you would like to get together for coffee, tea and discussion, reply, and we can try to organize something.

What inspired this sudden burst of conviviality on my part?  Oh, the desire to meet Martinshushu, for one (he blogs somewhere), but mostly it was Wendy Davis’ incredibly moving picture of the starving Ivory Coast mother burying her infant.  It has reminded me of my duty to be more caring and concerned for others, to actually be responsible and DO for our fellow human beings and our planet…instead of sitting in front of this computer and carping.

So, Wendy Davis, I’m raising my tea cup to you, and wish you could join us, if a few of us manage to pull this off.  And to all of you, if we do meet, I’ll write another diary note, and let you know all about it.

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61yr. old activist writer (as in letters to editors, politicians and any other nefarious characters who run across my path) unemployed Hospice nurse. Living a neighborhood away from a long time idol, activist Molly Rush, and 5 doors away from Republican congressional representative Tim Murphy.
Murphy is notable for accomplishing nothing during his 10 years in office, and despite being exposed by his DC office manager for using office staff for campaign duties, and not being able to keep any office personel for longer than about 9 months, local Dems. won't support a serious challenge for his seat.