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  • “The crisis-hit eurozone, Britain’s enormous budget deficit and spiralling unemployment will see the British economy worsen this year, according to a new survey of business leaders. More than half of Britain’s top business people (56 per cent) expect the economy to get worse over the next 12 months. Less than 10 per cent believe there will be some improvement, according to the Captains of Industry survey, conducted by pollsters Ipsos Mori.”
  • “Britain will veto any attempt to introduce an EU-wide financial transaction tax, Prime Minister David Cameron said today. He said France, Germany and other countries pushing for a levy were welcome to implement it within their own borders.”
  • “Thousands of British email addresses and encrypted passwords, including those of defence, intelligence and police officials as well as politicians and Nato advisers, have been revealed on the internet following a security breach by hackers.”
  • “Families of four US men killed in a notorious ambush in Iraq in 2004 have settled a long-running lawsuit with the security firm they worked for. The four employees of Blackwater, which has since been renamed Academi, were shot, beaten and burned to death in the flash-point city of Falluja.”
  • “British scientist Stephen Hawking has had to miss a symposium to mark his 70th birthday because of ill health. Professor Hawking was discharged from hospital only on Friday, Professor Sir Leszek Borysiewicz, vice-chancellor of Cambridge University, told the event.”
  • “It was a slow-moving Occupy Wall Street protest, but it was an effective one. A dozen senior citizens calling themselves “the wild old women” succeeded in closing a Bank of America branch in Bernal Heights Thursday. The women, aged 69 to 82, who live at the senior home up Mission street from the Bernal Heights Bank of America branch, decided to hold their own protest by doing what they called a ‘run on the bank’.”
  • This has a mesmerizing video. “The MV Rena cargo ship that ran aground off the coast of New Zealand in October has broken up in heavy seas, sparking fears of a new oil spill.”

From Real News:


Prof Richard Wolff’s weekly radio show on WBAI New York, Economic Update. His guest discusses the devolution of Detroit. Scroll down to Saturday, January 7, 12:00pm

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