Attacking Mitt Romney’s Money Is Now A High-Tech Blood-Libel Witch Hunt

Mitt - The Paris Years

I hope you realize that by pointing out that Mitt Romney made his fortune by buying companies, running up enormous debt, looting their pension funds, taking huge consulting fees, and then bankrupting the companies leaving thousands unemployed, their lives and families and communities shattered …. you are blood-libeling his One True Religion and it’s not the one with extra wives and the magic underwear:

Mitt Romney said his rivals for the Republican presidential nomination are turning the 2012 primary into a “trial” on free enterprise by attacking his record at Bain Capital, the private equity group he helped start.

“Free enterprise will be on trial. I though(sic) it was going to come from the president and the Democrats and the left,” Mr. Romney told reporters here. “Instead it’s coming from Speaker Gingrich and apparently others.”

And if you attack Mitt Romney for taking a few liberties with people’s livelihoods and  pensions, well isn’t that an attack on free enterprise? And if you attack free enterprise, isn’t that really an attack on America itself?

Tell’em Mitt:
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