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We do have at least one Third Party Candidate for 2012–Jill Stein and also perhaps Ron Paul

Of course, if you want to still live in the past and talk about Florida in 2000 and how third parties “rob” votes from one of the two parties–it’s a free country:  go ahead and lament.  I’m sure that you’ll get plenty of support for your efforts from Obama and the leadership of the Democratic Party and from those on the right side of the aisle as well.   That has been the standard line from both of the parties:  “Don’t throw away your vote on a Third party or Independent Candidate.”

That’s a bunch of BS. The more parties and Independents represented in the halls of government the stronger the government.  Examples of nations with multi-party systems include Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Sweden, and Taiwan.

Single-party systems or dominant-party systems happen in nations where opposing parties are outlawed or restricted by the dominant party which wields power. Examples include rule by the Communist party of China and People’s Action Party of Singapore.  A one-party system is the next step up from a two-party system, and that is the direction that the USA has been moving with the leadership of the Democrat and Republican parties ever since 1987 when the leadership of the Democrat and Republican parties formed a corporation.  The corporation is called “The Commission on Presidential Debates”  but it is much more than that.  Walter Cronkite referred to the formation of this corporation as the “greatest fraud ever pulled on the American voters.”

Moving into a “Party of One” has been the goal of the leadership of BOTH parties for the past 25  years.  If you don’t realize this, then you have not been paying attention.  They call it “bipartisanship”.  It should be called something else.  It should be called the “Party of the 1%” In 2012, any American who gives a damn about democracy should give serious thought to voting for Independents and Third Party candidates.  We need to make our democracy stronger–not weaker.

I would like nothing better than to see at least four Presidential candidates in 2012:  Obama, Romney, Ron Paul and Jill Stein.  If this were to happen, we might actually see a few real debates that deal with real issues such as war and the declining conditions of the environment and human life on this planet. These are all topics that you will never hear discussed in any depths in debates between Democrats and Republicans.  In fact, to please those who sponsor their corporation, the leadership of the Democrat and Republican parties have agreed not to.  Instead, on the waves of corporate sponsored TV we get to watch debates about flag pins, what the minister of a candidate says, and “he said/she said/I meant” quarrels among the candidates that rival those of contestants now featured in other insipid corporation programming such as the Kardashians.

Ron Paul may run as a Third Party candidate in 2012.  Perhaps he has avoided it in the past for three two reasons: 1) because he knew he didn’t have enough votes  2) Paul knew that it would be the final kiss of death from the Republican Party  (3) Now, although not a given, because of his age, it is likely that this will be Paul’s last crack at the presidency.  He may be willing to risk all in 2012–even the “love” of the Republican Party.

On January 25, the day after President Obama delivers his state of the Union address, at 8:30 [PM] Eastern, you can participate in The People’s State of the Union.

You’ll hear a realism about America’s situation –and the ways to overcome it– that Wall Street an the Washington establishment don’t want you talking about. We can have an economy that provides jobs for everyone without depressing wages or destroying the environment. We can get Wall Street off our backs and win control of our lives and common future.

Through this special online broadcast, you will hear presidential candidate Jill Stein describe the Green New Deal that can reclaim our future and fulfill the promise of America. Lines will be open for your questions and ideas. All you need is an internet connection and a computer.  MORE

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Liz Berry

Liz Berry