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They Should Be Forced to Look at This Photo Until They Break


And by ‘they’, of course, I mean the Masters of the Universe, the Oligarchs, the Plutocrats…name them as you will.  And by ‘forced to look’, I mean…after having been given just a little bit of lysergic acid diethylamide in their fucking lattes or apéritifs. You probaly know that LSD changes the quality and nature of the little chemical packets that send neural electrical impulses across the spaces between neural dendrites, and causes a shift in perception, often enabling a person to see the life forms on the planet as linked, interdependent…as part of an organic whole.
See? It’s just a little pharmacology we’d be practicing; ya know, a little bit like the stuff Big Pharma serves us with over the air everyday; and this stuff’s a lot healthier for ya than lots of their fast-tracked-for-approval psychoactive (and other) crap usually turns out to be.

No matter how long it takes until they break apart, break down in their sudden Gestalts like latter-day Ebenezer Scrooges…finally realizing the Dark and Evil of what they have so cavalierly wrought around the world simply because their insane lust for money and power overtook any vestiges of their humanity. So let them weep…let them howl…let them call out to their Gods for deliverance… I will still reserve the right not to help put them back together again. I’ll leave it to the saints who can…at least until the time I might possibly be able to find my humanity again and accord some of it to them; it’s so buried now in rage that I am tripping with images of the Architects of the Planetary Oligarchs receiving some serious education concerning the results of their collective deeds.


The photo came in with Liberty Underground’s newsletter this morning linking to Noam Chomsky’s new piece called ‘Recognizing the Unpeople’.
I’d been prepared to tell you a bit about it here, especially about some the unknown, unheard messages sent to the UN Security Council by the African Union and Arab League after three months of bombing in Libya, and some other hard to hear bits.   He hints at the plans for the new NATO Africom base there that Pepe Escobar has reported on, but that’s no big surprise, either, is it?
But I can’t.   It’s all so much of a piece by now that this morning it seems almost redundant, added to which I recently lived through a lot of the same empathy and pain in a diary that was an echo of Noam’s title.
The photo kicked me in the gut turned me inside-out, and of course  I just couldn’t stop staring at it and weepingweepingweeping…and weeping some more.  I hate that I’m tempted to apologize to you for any of this, but the truth is that I want everyone to feel this as acutely as I do, fair or not, possible…or not.  I want everyone to hate these fuckers for what they are doing to our planetary human community as hard as they can.

For a time while I watched that mama burying her dear, starved infant in that tiny sandy hole…did she place its tiny thumb in the baby’ mouth, maybe as some measure of comfort in the afterlife?…aahhhhgaaad… all I could hear in my head was this song, and the truth of  how depleted and weak it made me feel. And goddam it; there’s so much stuff to write. I just had to find The Rage, and pour a portion of it out into the world.

Whatever it takes to speed up this non-violent revolution…is good with me. They must be stopped at all cost.

Love, strength, and peace to you all.


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