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Occupy Pittsburgh Calls for Day of Solidarity Tuesday

Occupy Pittsburgh Solidarity Poster

Occupy Pittsburgh has issued a statement calling for a day of solidarity and action this Tuesday, Jan 10 to coincide with the first day of a court hearing of a lawsuit brought against them by Bank of New York/Mellon. The suit calls for their eviction from the space formerly called Mellon Green, now dubbed by the occupation as People’s Park.

The Pittsburgh occupiers are asking supporters to hold non-violent demonstrations against BNY/Mellon around the world, including the bank’s main headquarters at their iconic One Wall Street, New York address. BNY/Mellon has offices across America and the world (200kB pdf) Supporters who are unable to attend demonstrations are being asked to send protest letters to BNY/Mellon headquarters with a return address of 1 People’s Park, Pittsburgh PA 15219.

A picket and rally is being planned in Pittsburgh Tuesday at 3:00 p.m. at the City-County building.

Beyond opposing the call for eviction, Occupy Pittsburgh complaints against BNY/Mellon include alleged cases of fraudulent handling of pension funds in New York, Florida, California, Virginia and Massachusetts. The bank is also under investigation by the State of Pennsylvania for similar allegations.

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