08 Jan 2012


…to Oliver Willis on the passing of C.K. I have been there far too often.  

08 Jan 2012

Late Night Roundup, January 8, 2012

I needed a couple days off. Will have some good stuff in the morning. Cleaning out my tabs: • Contra Bill McBride, I don’t think these imminent housing policy changes will make much of a difference (moronic James Pethokoukis blog posts notwithstanding). I’m convinced there won’t be an AG settlement,

08 Jan 2012

We all live in Ponzi land

The problem with US manufacturing is not that it has been shrinking – despite the “offshoring” of textile and electronics manufacturing to China, US manufacturing output rose by 3.9 per cent a year between 1997 and 2007. However productivity grew 6.8 per cent annually in the same period, so millions

08 Jan 2012

Wednesday: Two Guantanamo Protests in Los Angeles

Interfaith Communities United for Justice and Peace (ICUJP), of which I’m a member, is organizing two protests against Guantanamo on Wednesday, which is the tenth anniversary of our torture camp there.   The protest at the downtown Federal Building will be in the morning; the one at the Westwood Federal

08 Jan 2012

Occupy Erie: Like Sled Dogs after a Blizzard

There was a Lake Effect Snow Warning here in the area for January 1st and 2nd. Temperatures dropped and the wind picked up, but that wind drove the heaviest of the snow well south of the shoreline of Lake Erie. Because of the location of my house atop the first

08 Jan 2012

NJ: Legislature to introduce marriage equality bill on Monday

I’m sure Governor Chris Christie will just loooove being asked about this development in the Garden State. NJ.com: In a dramatic move, Democratic leaders plan to announce at a news conference Monday that a bill legalizing gay marriage will be the first measure introduced in the new session of the

08 Jan 2012

On financial collapse, OWS, revolution, evolution and non-violence.

I have been reading and listening and watching a lot these last few months. From people like Glenn Greenwald and Chris Hedges to Carl Dix and Cornel West.   About revolution and OWS and non-violent protest and the military’s response to civil unrest and dislocation caused by some next economic collapse,

08 Jan 2012

Republican Sen. Steve Litzow Announces Support for Washington’s Marriage Equality Bill

Washington state Senator Steve Litzow (R-Mercer Island) has announced his full support of the marriage equality bill expected to be introduced this week, making him the first Republican in the state Senate to openly support marriage equality. The Seattle Times editorial board writes: “Outstanding. Litzow is a profile in courage,

08 Jan 2012

Sunday Late Night: Mitt Romney, Jobs-Killing Corporate Raider and Privateer, Exposed

It amazes me that bland candidate-robot Mitt Romney stirs such antagonism — nay, passion — from his fellow GOPs, especially among the conservatives who formed the bedrock of his 2008 campaign to leapfrog Grampa Walnuts for his party’s nomination. Mitt appears to have spurned his formerly supportive wealthy right-winger in his party; they now seem very afraid their party is about to nominate a business-school clone of Barack Obama: a Massachusetts moderate, as Newtie calls him.