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This Week In Occupy May Day

In the first week in review I’ll present some of the other ideas in the 99% Movement of what to do on May 1st. Though please review my own.

* Occupy LA calls for a general strike on May 1st:

The Occupy movement, which started in mid-September last year as Occupy Wall Street, a protest in a Manhattan park against the excesses of big banks, has morphed into something quite extraordinary across the United States. It seeks to connect and speak for the victims of America’s four-year recession, the ”99 per cent”, who have seen job security, savings and income evaporate in hard times.

While its LA members talk of a national general strike in May, other protesters propose taking their argument to Washington, with a million-strong encampment in front of the nation’s Capitol on January 17, a gathering they are calling Occupy Congress.

This also includes a webpage.

* There is a similar call on Facebook for a general strike with over 5000 committing to it. As well as other pages. And more.

* Occupy Oakland also calls for general strike on May Day.

* Occupy Minneapolis also has an Occupy May 1st Committee.

* Occupy Miami has created a working group for May 1st.

* Well, it was Google scheduled at least!

“Occupy Everywhere” is a nice slogan but also rather a mixed message. For those who consider the 99% Movement about a predatory 1% undermining democracy, peace and prosperity Occupying your town, while interesting, is not particularly compelling or relevant. Instead…


Occupy Wall Street.


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Dan Wright

Dan Wright

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