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Come Saturday Morning: Ben Golnik, the Not-So-Artful Dodger

Last week, the Republican Party of Minnesota replaced Tony Sutton with Pat Shortridge, who so far has — in contrast to the man whose behavior even the Tice-run StarTribune considered “boorish” — kept a decidedly low profile and low-key manner.

Interestingly, someone in the RPM, Ben Golnik, who is probably best advised to keep a low profile has been instead running around trying to boost his — even though the boosting has caused attention to be drawn to his role in the Minnesota GOP’s 2006 woes.

Hear, for instance, how in a recent appearance on “Look True North”, a sort of sheltered workshop for right-wing media lackeys, he tries to talk up his political expertise while dancing around any questions having to do with the origins of the scandals that have left the RPM devastated. He tapdances like frickin’ Gene Kelly — or the Artful Dodger, take yer pick — around the poor neglected question of the horrific messes Dwight Tostenson tried and failed to get RPM leadership (including then-executive-director Ben Golnik) to truly clean up. Lots and lots and lots of words that don’t really say a whole lot.

Ben Golnik’s refrain: “I was not a check-signer, I was not a check-signer”. Yeah, you were just the frigging Executive Director, with power enough to help Ron Carey end Tostenson’s career in the Republican Party of Minnesota.

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