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An anonymous option at FDL?

I find myself in an uncomfortable situation. I’ve written a long piece, a piece that I would very much like to post. I think that it is both timely and informative. But posting it would be extremely risky for me – and not just for me, but for my family.

Yes, here I’m known only as “Quasit”, which seems safe enough. But I ran a very simple check to see how hard it would be to link this persona to my actual identity. It’s far too easy.

In the old days, there were options for posting things anonymously. Usenet and even some websites were available. But one by one, the safe havens of anonymity have been stripped away. Yes, Usenet still exists, but posting there is like nailing an article to a telephone pole; you’re pretty much guaranteed that virtually nobody will read it. If you want to blow a whistle in a way that’s effective, the odds are very high that you will be uncovered and exposed to the full wrath of those you’ve exposed.

Now, what I’ve written doesn’t rise anywhere close to the level of whistleblowing. You won’t be seeing it on Wikipedia; I’m sure they wouldn’t even be interested. And it might not even attract the attention of those that it’s about. But if it did…well, I don’t feel justified in taking that risk.

So if anyone has made it this far, and if you’ve encountered anything like this situation before, do you have any suggestions? Because let’s face it; although we still have a First Amendment on paper, the increasing privatization of what used to be public venues of speech has left Americans at the mercy of powerful corporations, “persons” who are restricted neither by principles of fairness, respect for the truth, or the slightest hint of mercy – at least, not if it might conflict with their bottom line.

P.S. – I have a sinking feeling that some will tell me to suck it up and post the damned thing. If you’re inclined to be one of those people, I’d appreciate it if you didn’t bother. I’ve done and written reckless and stupid things in the past, but I am older now and have responsibilities. I will not post the piece under my own name, or in any way in which it could be traced back to me – period.

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