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Welcome to the Occupy Tacoma Camp – A Brief Tour…

A $100 grocery gift card from Fire Dog Lake’s occupy supply arrived just in time for the end of the holiday season at Occupy Tacoma.  The camp, which is now the only full time occupation in western Washington State, was delighted to stock up on sorely needed staples…coffee, creamer, sugar and instant soup topping the list.

Despite raids on other large occupations throughout the state,  Occupy Tacoma continues to have a positive relationship with local law officials and has been free to focus on community building, organization, and supporting local and state wide actions.

A short tour of the camp taken this week can be found below.  (warning, audio recorded very loudly – i suggest turning down volume significantly before starting video)

Occupy Tacoma’s action work-group is currently working on a theatrical action for Jan 20th to occupy the courts and is in the planning stages of organizing our upcoming participation in response to the open call to action from the ILWU local 21 against EGT in Longview, Washington later this month.

Occupy Tacoma’s population continues to grow despite harsh winter conditions, with a new steady overnight camper population of 57 people at last count.  We’ve added a new community tent and built a green dishwashing station with it’s own grey water filtering system.  We’ve recently had a marine cell battery donated and are hard at work building our first bike generator.

We’ve also been quite active with our livestream team, and have recently had some of our regular shows aired regularly on global revolution, occupy unity, and occupy earth channels.

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