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Romney Cheated on His Income Tax, Right?

Right. left. up. down. Right?
Romney, aka “ha ha ha ha” laughing boy, having robbed America of jobs to enrich himself at your expense, has a LOT TO HIDE from you. In fact, my educated guess is if you found out what he was hiding from you, he would be more than run out of town.

1. He falsified his return about residency so he would not have to pay any state taxes anywhere. Rumor… he claims to be a resident of Nevada.

2. You work for Mista Romney and don’t know it. And he really doesn’t want you to know it. he has investments that need more profit and as president, he gets to cut you up more as he slaughters your life and disrespects you with every smile – as phony as ift is… ha ha ha ha. When you see his returns, you will find out he recently closed some plants again, recently shipped more jobs overseas, engaged in union busting behavior, and needs to be president to protect his investments and profits at your expense and misery. Americans say he steals for a living but but he insists it’s earnings.

3. He intends to privatize everything. EVERYTHING. By doing that, he can repay his criminal investors everything they fronted for his campaign and get a pardon for money laundering at the same time. Shouldn’t be a problem for Mitt and his crew of criminal minds. Rumor has it they want to mine the grand canyon for copper.

4. Mitty could have investments in companies that Rick Scott (of medicare fraud fame) creates at taxpayer expense and which you keep paying for. According to Mitty and his evil twin, if you can steal from the public and they don’t revolt, you win. That’s a formula that works every time. Wall Street knows it. And they need you to vote for Mitty so you can have a job at one of their new private enterprises stealing from yourself.

Right along Misty Mitt could be Rick Scott as VICE PRESIDENT. Imagine this duo going to work for you (or on you) as they steal your constitutional rights and public property and private property as well. Why with their connections they can raise prices, force you into greater personal debt, and when you are bankrupt they can take your property with the stroke of a…. rubber stamp. How efficient is that. There is no promise they will do this to you but it certainly is a money maker for their backers as you become the type of slave they want you to be for their investments. More profits at less cost every year.

And if you object? Not to worry. Mitt and his gofer – whoever that happens to be – can simply right a law to declare that protestors are suspectable enemies of the state and as such, Misty Mitt can just call out the armed forces and occupy your land and take you away never to be heard from again. ha ha ha ha. Who do you think backed the Pinochet government? Together, they will make good use of their talents and won’t have to bother with all the strenuous difficulties of having to use the brains they don’t have. Stealing is so much easier.

Like he says, “Corporations are people, right?”. ha ha ha ha

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