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No child left behind; a decade of failure

No child left behind

by Alan Maki on Friday, January 6, 2012 at 10:08am

Ten years ago George Bush, along with the Democrats— including Obama, pushed “No child left behind” as the solution to what ails public education. Today, more children than ever have been left behind. Why? Because these hypocrites while claiming to be reforming education were simultaneously under-funding public education and pushing all these screwball ideas sabotaging public education just so they could claim public education doesn’t work while freeing up funds for their dirty wars.


Obama and his Secretary of Education have been a complete and total disaster for public education.


Here we have Obama and Arne Carlson initiating an attack on teachers which was like feeding these Republicans blood-soaked raw meat and then these teachers turn around and support Obama for re-election.


We have Obama slashing funding for public education and then instead of opposing Obama’s attacks on public education these leaders of the teacher unions turn around and push for increases in property taxes from people, most of whom make far less than these teachers who want to maintain their wages and benefits at the expense of fellow workers most of whom are working for poverty wages or are unemployed.


Here in Minnesota the “liberal” Mark Dayton campaigned for governor under the guise of taxing the rich to pay for public education and all we got from Dayton and Minnesota Democrats was the same thing we got from Obama— complete betrayal once elected with the poorest of the poor carrying the biggest tax burden.


Look at this stupid fool who heads up the teacher union here in Minnesota— he boasts that almost half of Minnesota teachers are Republicans! This Minnesota Education union president, Tom Dooher is a complete fool. Who would expect children to learn with someone like Dooher teaching their children. For Dooher, all that he is concerned about is that he can turn out the vote for worthless Democrats like Obama and Dayton.


Really; look at the big picture and you see the reason public education is failing children because everyone who is supposed to be defending public education is undermining public education.


The solution will come from rank-and-file teachers getting together with parents and grassroots activists demanding that  public education be adequately funded by the rich with a focus on teaching children HOW TO THINK instead of brainwashing students with WHAT TO THINK.


If a teacher can’t figure out that the very politicians attacking their standard of living aren’t worthy of being elected and re-elected, how can we trust these teachers to educate children?


Teachers should get their own “house in order” by dumping worthless union “leaders” like Tom Dooher and NEA President Dennis Van Roekel before telling me to support Obama and Dayton.


By the way; casino workers are fed up with these teacher unions whose pension funds are financing the Indian Gaming Industry which forces casino workers who pay their salaries to work in smoke-filled casinos at poverty wages without any rights under state or federal labor laws as these same teachers stick their noses in the air and use the conference and convention facilities of these casinos.


Where is the caring, compassion and empathy teachers have towards their fellow workers? Do teachers and their union “leaders” really think that such behavior instills confidence in them on the part of the public?


We had the $80,000.00 a year calculus teacher from the Warroad High School show up at our Lake Township Precinct Caucus claiming to speak for the teachers’ union oppose a resolution to increase the minimum wage to a real living wage. and now this same teacher cries because Mark Dayton wants to reduce his salary. And then he had the nerve to show up on my doorstep insisting I had a responsibility to support an increase in property taxes. Is it any wonder most students taking his calculus class fail?


Between Bush, Obama, Dayton and these worthless teacher union “leaders” supporting them, I’m surprised we still have any children learning to read and write and do math.


Do you think there might actually be a reason American youth are being left behind while children in Finland excel?If someone with four or six years of “education” can’t figure out something as basic as we should be funding public education instead of what Mark Twain referred to as “dirty imperialist wars;” do you want these people teaching your children and deciding what your children will be learning in school?


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Alan Maki

Alan Maki