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Barack Obama has to be more careful about doing right for America.

Any more u.s. marine style “personal initiative” doing the good work for America might get old “itchy mitchy” mcconnel so shook up, he could have a heart attack and drop. That might not be good. I said, “might”.

more republicans violate the constitution and christianity – as usual

Just now published on a popular website is a title from a cronie of the non-christian-right-wing-state-media-wanna-war-network who proclaims that OB has violated the constitution when in fact he has not. The cronie for the right wing war mongers who will do anything – and i mean anything – to con the public for a vote. Here is the truth… right wing propaganda liars are cons who cannot get a real job and real family relationships.

Not only are these right wing facist style state-media fanatics commiting a violation of the ten commandments “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.” which they pretend to hold so dearly and pretend to be christians – which they are not, they are blasphemers – they are doing so in an attempt to steal your trust to get their hedgefund job-stealing wallstreet con elected president so they can then start another war which would of course bury you in complete bankruptcy debt and get your sons and daughters killed in their war.

Here is the catch. You may not believe that this conclusion on my part – which is more of an observation of the pieces and actions in play – true or not, you cannot deny this… The republican fraudsters real objective is to provke fear into you by implying a note of shame that is supposed to cause you to hessitate.. to stifle, intimidate and brand your conversation as if you should feel fearful to anyone else to say otherwise as if you would be so tainted as to be ridiculed. This is the dastardly and outright sinful wicked and bankrupt way they have pushed their entire campaign to rob you of your freedom and free will for a very long time. If they cannot censor you, they want to outshout and BULLYBRAND your thoughtful consideration as if you should rely on them for any re-speakable opinion. This is as bad a taunt as Gadhafi state media.

The funny thing is, the worst of them, a thoughtless imbecilic subhuman who occupies the office of the U.S. Senate and is otherwise called “mitch”, put into print a statement which reflects his belief that the recess appointment made by the appointment was expected and according to standard practice… DETAILS HERE

When you go to work or out among friends and such, and someone indicates that OB comitted any kind of trespass at all, you might simply fire back

“i am not and will not be intimidated by nonsense and lies. it is a fact that “mitch” violated standard practice and rules of procedure and has conspired to commit a fraud upon the american public by denying the will of majority rule and the spirit of the constitution of the united states of america and who – should be more than ashamed, but censured and if possible, impeached for the fraud that he is. if your lack of real patriotism is giving you a problem, take 2 aspirin and call your doctor in the morning or- check into your nearest emergency room and perhaps they will have a mental health professional on duty.

And this quote from “itchy” mitchy himself…

This recess appointment represents a sharp departure from a long-standing precedent that has limited the President to recess appointments only when the Senate is in a recess of 10 days or longer…”

Clearly “itchy” mitch is afraid of OB’s audacity. Afraid of his boldness. Afraid of his macho. Afraid of his own subordination to OB. In short, mitch mcconnel isn’t just a sore loser, he is a loser.


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