Thursday Night Basset Blogging

Taking turns in The Sun Chair

On the Wembley seizure front, he’s had two more; one on the Tuesday before Christmas and another one on Tuesday this week.  Fortunately these last two have been less violent than the previous ones. We’re going to give the diet change two more weeks and if the seizures continue we’ll be exploring our options in anticonvulsants.

The other day we were out walking the boys and we ran into a neighbor walking her Basenji puppy (Taco!) and when Wembley tried to jump on him in order to play I pulled him back and addressed him by name (as opposed to my usual “Get down you idiot”) and my neighbor misheard me and said, “Is his name Wobbly?” to which I replied ‘no’, but now considering his circumstances, ‘Wobbly’ has kind of stuck (added to the list that includes: Wembleton, Wem-belly, Wemblette, Fun-Size, and Dork).

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