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Montana tells the Supreme Court to Shove it.

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The rest of us can only hope that Montana’s example catches on. They have said no to the Supreme Court’s ruling of “citizens united”  (Actually that election funding ruling would better be called “1% united”)

You may remember that just a week or so ago Montana, being one of the states with the power to recall federal officials, began the process to recall all its elected officials from Congress.  If the other eight states with similar laws were to recall their officials from Congress, the result would be 18 Wall Street Senator deadbeats and 50 Wall Street House of Representative deadbeats removed from Washington. [More]

Now today I read this in TruthOut:  “In a rebuke to the United States Supreme Court, the Supreme Court of Montana has held that Citizens United does not apply to Montana campaign finance law.

Last Friday, the Montana Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of a 1912 voter initiative – the Corrupt Practices Act – that prohibits corporations from making contributions to or expenditures on behalf of state political candidates and political parties. In 2010, the Supreme Court ruled that a similar federal prohibition was unconstitutional, prompting a wave of bills and court rulings that erased prohibitions on corporate and union political expenditures around the country. . . “[More at TruthOut]



There are many lessons to be learned from Montana’s example:

The people need to remember the power that we do have to wield against Washington and we need to stop acting like whipped dogs and start using every scrap of power that we have. State election laws are but one of the many cudgels of law that we can use to beat the Wall Street Party of One in Washington senseless. Election laws governing all elections–including federal elections–are in the hands of the individual states.  This is why the election processes and candidate requirements vary from state to state.

Montana should be a reminder that the Supreme Court is not nearly as powerful as some give it credit for being. Already we hear one of the arguments from the Democrats for keeping Obama is because of  appointments to the Supreme Court. Balderdash! Like all branches of government, the judicial branch does have power, but their power is after the fact–after the law has passed. The real power lies in the hands of the members of Congress who make the law in the first place.  Don’t you think if the Supreme Court were such a powerful element that, considering its conservative leadership, Roe vs. Wade would have long ago been overturned?  That law has been on the books for almost 40 years.

Yes, the President, as part of the checks and balances has the power to veto bills passed by Congress.  However, Congress, with 2/3?s vote can override any presidential veto.  The real power lies in Congress–not the courts and not the President. Why do you think the ratio of lobbyist to lawmakers is six to one?  Wall Street knows where the power is.

But ultimately, the buck stops with us because we are the people who decide who goes to Washington to represent us. The people that we send to Washington to represent us are critical.Most of the current bunch in DC have been there for at least two terms.  If you want more of the same then go ahead and vote for the incumbents and or other candidates from the Democrat/Republican Millionaire Wall Street Party of One.  If you don’t, then start voting for Independents and Third Party candidates.  We even have one running for president–Jill Stein.  I’m voting for her.  You can throw your vote away by voting for Obama or the Republican jackass that is chosen, but I’m ready for a new direction for my nation.

Yes we can do something.  We can do a lot of things.  We can vote.  We can support Independents and Third Party candidates.  We can run for office ourselves.  We can register others to vote.  We can talk to our neighbors.

Stop repeating the standard cliches nourished by the 1%. “Don’t throw away your vote on an Independent or Third Party candidate.  Better vote for this one or that one for President because of the Supreme Court nominees coming up. If you aren’t rich, there is no point in running for Congress. You may not agree with all the candidate stands for, but he is the lessor of the two evils.  etc.”

Create some new ones: “I’m not giving another dime to the Democrats or Republicans.  I’m  not only voting for non-Wall Street investor candidates, I am campaigning for them.  We can replace Congress and change the direction of the USA because we are the majority, but it won’t happen if we sit back, whine and continue to do what we’ve been doing.   If we want  change, WE must do something..  I’ve turned off the Wall Street side show that runs 24/7 on television because I know that at least 75% of it is mind control to promote the 1%.”

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Liz Berry

Liz Berry