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Mike Adams Appreciates A Good Black-On-White Rape Thought Experiment

Townhall Bigot In Residence Mike Adams has a very interesting tale about how a couple of hippies forced their daughter to date a Black boy (named Barry, just like the President!) because he was Black and of course he raped her because that is what The Blacks do when they are around white women, and then the stupid liberal hippy parents made sure the Black boy walked so that he could rape again and he didn’t fail them because, you know, it was inevitable being as he was Black. Meanwhile, the raped daughter became a stripper while getting her degree in Women’s Studies with a minor in African American Studies before becoming a counselor at Planned Parenthood where she told Black women to abort their babies and then she got fired for being so blunt, but it’s all good because she recovered nicely and now she trolls conservative websites for big George Soro’s bucks.

No. Really:

Allison paid her way through college with the money she earned doing lap dances in The Alchemist, a local gentlemen’s club. Her degree in Women’s Studies was supplemented with a minor in African American Studies. She used the degree to get a job working as an intake counselor for Planned Parenthood. Two years into her tenure with Planned Parenthood, Allison told a pregnant teenaged woman (of African extraction) that abortion was “not a big deal.” She went on to say that, “Most black babies are aborted anyway.” Planned Parenthood fired her for sharing that well-kept secret with a non- white client. So Allison moved back home with her parents. Today, she works for billionaire George Sourpus as a paid commenter on various conservative websites.

The end.

Except it’s not, because Mike Adams admits he made up this incredibly plausible story to explain why liberals are all fucked up in the head about the real world and he is not, even though he spends his days concocting black on white rape fantasies that he then sends to Stormfront Forum (“I am an Associate Professor at a small southern college and I never thought this would happen to this one one co-ed in my Intro class…“) and then presumably masturbates to them when they get published.

It almost makes you wonder why Mike Adams feels he needs to sue to get a full professorship.

Now… The end.

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