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Live Blog for #Occupy Movement: Last Day for Occupy Bloomington in People’s Park?

10:45 PM There’s a showdown brewing in Austin, TX. Occupy Austin reports the Austin police chief has gone before City Hall and asked for the camp’s eviction.

10:00 PM Good news to end the day: today is not the last day for Occupy Bloomington in People’s Park. They can stay. Bad news though: they are still being evicted and have to have all tents down by noon tomorrow.

9:20 PM NYT profile of Vlad Teichberg of the Global Revolution media crew that appears to be the target of authorities

9:00 PM I have been writing all throughout the late afternoon and evening so that is why updates have been spotty. I was working on this post about criticism of “progressive voices” that have shown sympathy toward Ron Paul and the confines of US elections. I eventually bring in the value of the Occupy movement in my post.

8:55 PM The National Lawyers Guild condemns the Oakland Police Department’s handling of Occupy Oakland

8:50 PM Excellent appearance by Jesse La Greca on RT. He talks about Global Revolution being shut down and likely targeted by authorities.

6:30 PM Occupy Oakland attempts to occupy City Hall, with tents. Susie Cagle (@Susie_C) is on the scene:

4:40 PM Occupy Chicago made the cover of the city’s free weekly publication the Chicago Reader

4:30 PM Filmmaker Michael Moore attended Occupy Wall Street’s Spokes Council meeting last night. Video here.

3:47 PM Occupy Philly has been out demonstrating against the NDAA this afternoon (livestream here). Reporter Dustin Slaughter has been covering the action.

The group does a mic check against the NDAA at Suburban Station. This is nothing less than war on the people, they say, and add that under this law someone like Nelson Mandela would be detained.

3:45 PM Albany Police Chief Steve Krokoff  will speak to the Albany Common Council about the Occupy Albany eviction tonight at 5:30 pm. There will be time for public comment at 7 pm. (h/t TarheelDem)

3:39 PM ICYMI: An organization of occupiers calling their effort “Walkupy ” is calling on all occupations to plan “Selma-to-Montgomery”-type marches that would arrive at state houses in every region/state of the United States on Sunday, March 25. The marches would be part of  “a nationwide effort to keep the reality of economic inequality front and center in the national dialogue during the election year of 2012” and occupiers would call for the eviction of “corporate lobbyists and corporate-funded elected officials who now occupy the people’s statehouses.”

3:30 PM Members of the Interfaith Tent at Occupy Oakland organize a city hall occupation that will take place at 2 pm PST today. Details here.

3:20 PM Verizon workers are sent video urging them to give in to the company’s demands. They have been fighting for a fair contract for months now, with help from the Occupy movement. The workers responded with a parody video.

1:50 PM There were about 4000 protesters at Occupy the Rose Parade, Pasadena Independent reports

1:40 PM Most, if not all the tents, have been taken down at People’s Park. However, Occupy Bloomington is still in the park.

12:10 PM Occupy Bloomington eviction (Livestream)

12:03 PM Context for understanding the targeting of citizen media by Nigel Parry

11:56 AM There’s something a bit odd about seeing this feud between livestreamer Tim Pool and Henry of The Other 99 reported by New York magazine. Then again, some people’s careers have taken off as a result of their tireless effort to cover the Occupy movement, like OakFoSho and PunkBoyinSF. And then there’s Jesse La Greca, who owned Fox News‘ Griff Jenkins and rose to celebrity status after video of it went viral. The notoriety these individuals have gained coupled with the continued widespread coverage of the Occupy movement makes it inevitable that any problems these people have will likely be written about by some blog or magazine.

11:30 AM Portland Mayor Sam Adams has been on this for days now. He really, really does not want the National Republican Party to hold any debates in Portland because the city spent too much on Occupy Portland protests.

11:23 AM Several Occupy Oakland participants were arrested last night. “OakFoSho” has footage of the action.

11:15 AM Occupy DC struggles to fight hypothermia.

11:10 AM has photos of Day 4 of Occupy Nigeria. Yesterday, police moved in and violently dispersed protesters. The issue igniting protest is the planned removal of fuel subsidies. Citizens demonstrating are calling for a general strike.

Original Post

A large tent has come down and soapboxes have gone up in preparation for the impending eviction at noon, when Occupy Bloomington has been ordered by the city to pack up and remove their “personal belongings” from People’s Park. There is sign making and music playing. Many occupiers will stand their ground until the police arrive to enforce the city’s eviction.

The police are undoubtedly preparing. A few occupiers spotted a police officer filming them yesterday and posted video. He drove off seconds after occupiers began to take video of him. He was probably taking footage of the camp so it could be used to finish planning a police raid of the camp tomorrow.

I’ve written a full report on the likely eviction that can be read here. What is most significant is the city is citing the arrests of occupiers on New Year’s Day just after 1 am as justification for the planned eviction. A handful of people were arrested and video of one of the arrests has been posted by Occupy Bloomington:

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