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  • “Fresh fears about the eurozone banking system were raised when record amounts of cash were deposited with the European Central Bank and Italy’s UniCredit spooked markets with a cash call on investors. Some €453bn (£378bn) [$585.5B] was lodged in the ECB’s ‘deposit facility’ on Tuesday night in a move that some analysts feared showed banks were so concerned about lending it out to rivals that they would rather earn just 0.25% in interest from the central bank.”
  • “For a cautious, perhaps even somewhat shy man, Simon Wolfson was unusually forthright. Certain in fact. George Osborne’s deficit reduction programme was vital. It would “improve business and consumer confidence” said a letter to The Daily Telegraph, signed by Wolfson and 34 other business leaders back in October 2010. ‘The private sector should be more than capable of generating additional jobs to replace those lost in the public sector,’ the letter continued. Full speed ahead.”
  • “Lawyers representing Ecuadorian plaintiffs in their long-running suit against Chevron over the dumping of toxic waste in the Amazon river basin have accused the oil giant of racism. The allegation comes as Chevron vows to fight off a ruling that said the oil giant must pay $18bn for causing pollution in the Amazon rainforest more than 20 years ago.”
  • Eurosceptic Conservative MPs are to demand that David Cameron overrules Nick Clegg and ensures the Government grabs back some powers from Brussels before the next election. The Fresh Start group, which has the support of 120 Tory MPs, is drawing up a “shopping list” of functions that should be handed back to the UK by the European Union.”
  • “An alleged US military wish list of real and conceptual non-lethal weapons has been published online. The document includes improvements to equipment already in use as well as proposals for new technologies. The list includes lasers and heat beams designed to disperse crowds, and nausea-inducing sound waves targeted at scuba divers.”
  • “The prosecution in the trial of Hosni Mubarak says Egypt’s ousted president, along with his security chief and six top police officers, were the ‘actual instigators’ of the killing of more than 800 protesters during last year’s uprising that brought down his regime. Mubarak and his seven co-defendants are facing charges of complicity in the killings and could face the death penalty if convicted.”
  • “A group of biologists has created a new type of genetically-modified silkworm capable of spinning extra strong silk – Spider-Man style. According to, Dr Don Jarvis of Wyoming University and his team used spider genes to toughen up ordinary silkworms. Worm embryos were injected with the sequences of spiders’ genes that give their silk its elasticity and strength, allowing them to spin hybrid silk that is 95 percent silkworm protein and 5 percent spider protein.”
  • “Almost 1,000 relatives of prisoners in Venezuela have refused to leave a jail in protest at the conditions there. The relatives – mostly women – stayed on in Yare prison near Caracas after spending the new year’s holiday with their jailed relatives. They are protesting against alleged abuses and delays in sentencing.”

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