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Wilburr “aka mitt” romney LOSES IOWA CAUCUS

IOWA re-pubes make re-FOOLS of the re-PUBLIC.

RON PAUL BEATS MITTSKI 2:1. You will hear it from the republican media (the fans of the illegal iraq war) that MIITTSKi won…. but that’s a spin. Santorum publicly announced that he would vote for Ron Paul. Predictably and realistically, Ron Paul beat Mittski 2 to 1. Meaning and translation mean everything.

Underneath the meaning is the data. The score was 35:35:30; Santa, Mittski, and Ron Paul. After seeing the complete trashing of Mittski as any sort of reasonable person, he was written off in the public eye. But the big money need their payback and need a perfect score. And tonight, the real voter fraud came in for the media money backers of Mittski.

Too good to be true? Play this out. You need to pump $2,000,000,000,000 into the presidential election to have any chance to beat OB. How do you get your money back? There are three choices for the big money pimples to get Romney out front.
1. A real count risking Mittski getting last place behind bachmann; fact, the big money can’t risk this so the vote count would never show like that.
2. Romney wins by a landslide through a fraud count. Big money shoves Mittski down the public throats in their usual myway/hiway routine but risks the public seeing through the fraud and the whole thing backfires.

The repubs needed a certain vote. They 100% fail wiithout it. They need a vote count that…
1. they can sell
2. will keep Mittski in the running
3. cannot be criminally targeted as voter fraud
4. will keep Ron Paul down but not too far down
5. knocks everyone else out because the money is getting very thin
6. provides a complete strata capture without canibalizing

They really needed a perfect count. If you will note and followed the count, you will notice that the last 4% took a very disproportionate of time.

What the public is being “schooled” on (y’all know what i mean) is that Mittski is an OK guy because he placed. And that public should feel that there is a comfortable cozy threesome with Mittski, Santa the staunch conservative and Ron Paul the Build America Again conservative.

The public has an absolute reason to BE WARY OF WILLARD. the only way that his big money backers will get a return on their dollar is if they can issue more debt and get more power. The only way that will happen – instead of building America – is to go to war by attacking Iran and involving the entire Moslem world to fight the largely Christian America. And if you think about it, who could possibly benefit from that!

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