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Ron Paul Victorious In Iowa,Leads Delegate Race

Congratulations to Dr. Paul for his victory in Iowa.  On to New Hampshire, where it is a two man race between Romney and the Doctor.

Santorum and Romney garnered approximately 24.5% each in a virtual tie, Ron Paul at about 21.5% in the NON- BINDING straw poll. This has no effect on delegate selection and candidates  win by accruing the requisite number of delegates- not popular vote. Those delegates are selected in a separate process after the straw poll. That process favored the Paul supporters- Ron Paul will send more Iowa delegates to the convention, where the candidate will be nominated, than any other candidate.  Since  Bachman, Perry, and Newt failed to obtain  15%  of the vote, they have no right to the delegates.  MSM  commentator  drafting the article below understands this, and reluctantly  asserts that Paul may(should be will )  send more delegates to the convention than any other candidate.

We are in it to win it. The establishment could work it out together, We aren’t the establishment. We would rather make a statement, than sell-out like that. Democrats/Chicago no way-absolutely no brokered convention.  This could get interesting. Read the comments of the  newly appointed Iowa delegates in the comment section of the attached article, its telling.

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quoting part of the article from the Washington examiner

“”the Paul campaign, Hansen had just conceded that Paul would not win the popular vote in Iowa, but he also pointed out that after the straw polls, the precincts appointed delegates to the county conventions in March — and that in every precinct in Pottawattamie, at least, two or three Ron Paul supporters volunteered to be delegates, and few other candidates’ supporters volunteered.

Delegates at the county conventions help select delegates to the state convention, which then select delegates to the Republican National Convention.

Technically, tonight’s vote was a straw poll, determining no delegates, but setting the tone. The only actions that actually could make a difference in electing delegates to the National Convention heavily favored Paul. Nobody will be watching in June, unless this election gets much more exciting, but Ron Paul might send more Iowa delegates to Tampa than any other candidate.”

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