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Glenn T. Stanton Is Endangering North Carolina’s Children

Glenn T. Stanton is an absolutely shameless huckster, very active, on a national level, to get the proposed North Carolina anti-gay marriage amendment passed.

Stanton’s title with his head organization, Focus on the Family, currently is “director for Family Formation Studies.”

The way Stanton works his tortured shtick, he fans the flames of anti-gay bigotry and then encourages the anti-gay bigots he inflames to “help him to do his work” by donating to Focus on the Family.

Though Stanton holds the title “director for Family Formation Studies,” he 1) is not credentialed or equipped to carry out scientific studies and 2) has repeatedly been repudiated for his outrageous anti-gay lies by professional associations of scholars and anthropologists.

In one among many instances of professionals expressing disapproval of Stanton for his lying hucksterism, Stanton fraudulently claimed that there was “a clear consensus of anthropologists”  in agreement that heterosexual coupling is the only healthy family unit. Go to this link to read about how Stanton was repudiated for his gay bashing lie by Bill Maurer, Chair of the Department of Anthropology of The University of California, Irvine.  Then go to this link to read a repudiation of Stanton’s anti-gay lies from anthropologist Patrick M. Chapman, Ph.D.  And you can also go to this link, to read a letter stating that the entire American Association of Anthropologists — which has 11,000 members — objects to Stanton’s anti-gay lies.

I said that Stanton is an absolutely shameless huckster, and I meant it. Despite having years ago already been repudiated for his gay-bashing lies, Stanton is cooperating with groups like the so-called North Carolina Values Coalition to fan the flames of fearful incomprehension and ignorance-fueled, bullying non-acceptance of gay human beings throughout the state. One of his anti-gay hate videos on the NCVC site is titled “Is it healthy to put children in experimental families?”  At the nineteen second mark, Stanton tells his audience of potential financial donors “No society at any time — primitive or developed — ancient or modern — has ever raised a generation of children in same-sex homes.” Firstly, one could read the aforementioned professional anthropologists’ statements to learn that Stanton is lying there. Secondly, most historians believe that the ancient Greek poet Sappho had a daughter. Where we have clearer evidence of gay parents raising children successfully, the evidence is more conclusive.  Cincinnati Reds pitcher Joe Valentine was raised by two lesbian moms. Audre Lorde described herself as “black, lesbian, mother, warrior, poet;” Lorde’s New York Times obituary mentions her female “companion” . . . that is to say, the woman that was her wife in all but name . . . and their daughter, the Mount Sinai Hospital Physician Elizabeth Lorde-Rollins, M.D.

Glenn Stanton — who constantly spreads hateful lies against gay people and families in order to stimulate dollar donations to his organization — published the book “My Crazy, Imperfect Christian Family,” which is described as exploring “the value of imperfect families.” But in propagandizing against gay human beings to his audiences, Stanton denies all gay history, all validity of homosexuality and of course, he does not acknowledge any value of imperfect gay families, though he hawks books explaining at length and in detail the value of  imperfect heterosexual families of which he does approve. Furthermore, even as Stanton denies that gay parents have been successful raising children, Ed Webb-Ingall’s film “Raising Hell” tells stories of children raised by gay parents in the UK starting in the 1960s.  One description of “Raising Hell” says: “Instead of perpetuating the myth of the perfect family, or the perfect childhood, this film shows kids who, whatever they felt about their families, didn’t want to change or hide them, but be proud of who and what they have made them.” Stanton’s anti-gay bias and hypocrisy are self-evident.

And, Stanton has published on his Focus on the Family website donation-sales- pitches aimed at anti-gay bigots, saying that homosexuality is “a particularly evil lie of Satan.”  Pause for a moment, to consider how despicable an act of pandering that is. When journalist Jeremy Hooper called Stanton on the carpet over that ridiculous statement, Stanton mocked him, as though deliberately inspiring bigots to additional ignorance-fueled, bullying non-acceptance of gay human beings were a funny game. In his same essay, Stanton wrote that “Homosexuality . . . falsely states that differences in male and female don’t really matter.” Just how much critical scrutiny could that bear? If differences in male and female “don’t really matter” to homosexuals, then why are homosexuals attracted to their same gender and not to the opposite gender?

Where these greedy hucksters are making money off of reinforcing in narrow minds that “homosexuality is a particularly evil lie of Satan,” responsible elected officials have a duty to repudiate the hucksters’ shameless and mean-spirited bigotry. That is always true, but never more true as when the malicious hucksters are aiming to write anti-minority discrimination into the state’s constitution.  Glenn Stanton is just as reprehensible for cooperating with the so-called North Carolina Values Coalition as the coalition’s cunning and scheming, money-grubbing, gay-bashing Executive Director Tami Fitzgerald. Society has plenty of models for lovingly integrating Christian faith with full acceptance of gay human beings; there is just no acceptable excuse for politicians to pander to, or to remain silent in the face of theocratic anti-gay monsters like Glenn Stanton and Tami Fitzgerald.

There is a clear consensus among medical and mental health professionals that anti-gay sexual prejudice contributes to disproportionate levels of gay teen suicide. Additionally, anti-gay sexual prejudice is harmful to heterosexual youth, in whom hateful hucksters like Stanton and Fitzgerald endeavor to instill and reinforce it. Finally, malicious and greedy serial liars are not healthy role models for any child.




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Scott Rose

Scott Rose