Has it really come down to this? Professional homophobe Bryan Fischer is so off-the-rails on so many issues, but this one takes the cake. What purpose does denying factual information about HIV and AIDS serve in this day and age? People for the American Way’s Right Wing Watch:

Fisher dedicated two segments on his program yesterday to interviewing Peter Duesberg, author of “Inventing the AIDS Virus,” who asserts that the idea that HIV causes AIDS was a scheme concocted by scientists in order to get research grants and that the symptoms attributed to AIDS are really caused by massive recreational drug use among gay men.

Meanwhile, Right Wing Watch also spotlights a guy whose grip on reality is tenuous at best. The International House of Prayer’s Mike Bickle, fundie extraordinaire who emceed Rick Perry’s prayer rally The Response, drove right off of the road with this claim:

[Bickle] recently said in an interview about homosexuality that gays and lesbians must “declare war” against their sexual orientation or will face “flaming missiles of the Evil One.” He warned that gays and lesbians, along with heterosexuals who have sex before marriage, who “give up and give in” will ultimately begin “denying the faith,” which “opens the door to the demonic realm to touch them.”

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding