Late Night FDL: Escatology Is Scatology

This whole Maya calendar end of the world whoohaa has reached such a pitch that White for goodness sakes created a link about the idiocy which sends you/me to the site with further links to NASA’s point of view on the subject. says:

Most of the curiosity surrounding the date involves how the ancient Maya civilization viewed time. Archaeological finds revealed that the Maya had a number of highly accurate calendars, including one known as the Long Count calendar. It uses a series of periods (cycles) to count days, months, and years. According to this calendar, a major cycle lasting the equivalent of 394.3 years ends on December 21, 2012. The next cycle begins on December 22, and ends in 2406.

NASA has a tl/dr FAQ that condenses down to:

Nothing bad will happen to the Earth in 2012. Our planet has been getting along just fine for more than 4 billion years, and credible scientists worldwide know of no threat associated with 2012.

But wait! Oh noes! NASA also offers this warning:

Scientists have no way of predicting with perfect accuracy whether a supervolcano will occur in a given century, decade, or year – and that includes 2012. But they do keep close tabs on volcanically active areas around the world, and so far there’s absolutely no sign of a supereruption looming anytime soon.

But fear not!

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