Eric Fehrnstrom: Professional Turd Polisher

First let us introduce you to Political Supergenius, Eric Fehrnstrom:

In January 2010, he was the golden boy, the political operative who helped Scott Brown pull off what many had thought impossible: wresting Edward M. Kennedy’s old US Senate seat from the Democrats.

Since then, however, victories have been elusive for Republican strategist Eric Fehrnstrom, whose consulting group has lost its last six races.

Fehrnstrom is now trying to return to reprise his victorious ways as he juggles two of the most prominent campaigns in the country: Mitt Romney’s effort to turn his on-again, off-again front-runner status into a term in the White House, and Brown’s effort to fend off a suddenly strong challenge for his seat.


“He’s the best operative on the Romney campaign,’’ said Mike Murphy, the strategist who directed Romney’s 2002 run for Massachusetts governor. “I think he’s the secret weapon.’’

So how does Mitt Romney’s “secret weapon” respond to Romney’s virtual tie with internet punchline Rick Santorum after Romney spent $133 per vote to Lil Ricky’s $1.65.

Oh, like this:

Because getting a whopping 25% of the votes in the Iowa Republican Caucus is totally a mandate.

It goes without saying that this is also good news for John McCain.



Yeah. Like I would tell you....