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Sunday Late Night: 20120101

Lots of opportunities for fun number patterns again this year — that’s today’s date in YYYYMMDD format in the post title. If you say it two-oh-one, two-oh-one, oh-one, it sounds like your band is gonna play a waltz. There will also be some unexpected and cool palindromes, depending on the format.

2102012: February 10th, in MDDYYYY format
2012102: October 2nd, in YYYYMMD format
21022012: February 21st, in DDMMYYYY format

And some fun ways to write the date:

12/12/12: December 12th, of course
But also, tomorrow! Be sure to write some checks on 1.2.12.

But how to say the date this year? Judging by last night’s New Years Eve broadcasts, I think American media may have finally abandoned the “Two-thousand” construction when saying the name of the year. I heard a lot more “Yippee, it’s Twenty-Twelve!” than “Two-thousand-twelve” on the teevee machine. Also, Kathy Griffin stripped to her bra and panties in Times Square last night, so hurray for global warming. Watch the mystery hand reach from out of frame to adjust Kathy’s bra strap as she vamps for the hapless David Gergen on the phone (2:39)

When it comes to taking clothes off for New Years, you’re next, Anderson Cooper.

Happy New Year, one and all.

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Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge