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Ron Paul may be the biggest hypocrite in Washington DC

Cross Post from IfLizWereQueen:  More on Ron Paul and his Wall Street Investments in Mining Companies

As I’ve mentioned before, Ron Paul may have a few good ideas, but the heart of him is no different from any other Congressional member of the Wall Street Party for the 1% that some still refer to as the Republican or Democrat Party while pretending that we have a two-party system in effect in the USA.

No man or woman who makes money off Wall Street investments can be said to represent the 99% of the USA. That is exactly where the line should be drawn with all 99% Americans.  Wall Street investors have no business sitting  in Congress and claiming to represent the majority of the people in the USA. And that includes Ron Paul!

Ron Paul increased his wealth from $3,930,000 in 2008 to $5,064,000 in 2009 – over a million dollars richer.  Yep, Ron Paul made over a million bucks in the Wall Street Casino at a time when millions of Americans were losing their jobs and homes.  Ron Paul is no different from any other greedy millionaire Wall Street shyster that we have “representing” us in Congress.

Mr. Paul, a millionaire five times over, has several million of his assets invested in numerous mining corporations including three of the worst mining corporations in the world: One of them is Anglogold Ashanti Ltd in which Paul has invested $250,001 to $500,000.  According to Forbes, AngloGold Ashanti was accused in 2007 in Colombia for “murders of trade union and community leaders who opposed the company’s activities in the region”.  Paul is invested other other mining companies with reputations just as tawdry.  The mining industry is known worldwide for its extreme abuse of its workers–up to and including deliberate murder.  Ron Paul is just as evil and  vile as the rest of them.  In fact, Ron Paul is has just bout 95% of all his millions of dollars tied up in investment in mining companies all over the world–no surprise since Paul lobbies hard for the gold standard.


Ironic that Ron Paul would be criticizing the War on Drugs and the “Free” trade agreements since he makes money from both.  Ron Paul is the ultimate hypocrite.

I thought about Ron Paul this morning as I read an article from “Upsidedown World” about militarized mining in Mexico as it is connected to the War on Drugs.  Paul is getting a lot of attention lately for saying that the war against drugs is racist and wrong. There are even liberal bloggers like Robert Scheer who are praising him for his observations.  It’s especially ironic since Ron Paul is making money off his own Wall Street investments in the war on Drugs.

“In an August afternoon in 2008, Dante Valdez Jiminez was giving a teacher training class in an elementary school in Madera, a small town in the northern Mexican state of Chihuahua. But before he got through his lecture, he was interrupted by a group of 30 men, some of them armed. In the minutes that followed, Valdez was savagely beaten in front of his students. While they beat him, his attackers yelled that he should keep his nose out of other people’s business. Valdez was lucky to escape with his life.

The attack was political: Valdez is known for his work against Minefinders, a Vancouver-based company that operates an open-pit gold mine near Madera.

The attack on Valdez wasn’t an isolated event, but a brazen reminder of the repression meted out to those who organized against Minefinders, which began operating in Mexico in 1994 on the heels of the North American Free Trade Agreement. The company started construction on a low-grade, cyanide-leaching gold and silver mine near Madera in 2007. ”  (Source)

In some areas, like Madera, the pretext of the drug war has worked in favor of the extractive industries such as Minefinders.  Federal police are in the area to “fight the drug war”  are used to  intimidate the  people in the area and give advantage of Minefinders.  For example, in a blockade last year set up by the people, employees of  Minefinders were able to pass through because they had Federal soldiers in their vehicles.  On other occasions in the community, the police have intruded in community decision-making meetings to intimidate and coerce the people in favor of the mining company.  This sort of intimidation by the Federal police is taking place all over Mexico.  Very handy that the Federal police are in the area to “fight the drug war.”

And Minefinders, what have they done for the people in the community where they operate beside beat up and even murder to ensure the profits continue for people like Ron Paul and other members of the U.S. Congress? Last year, a tear in the liner of a heap leach pad, which has yet to be fully repaired, caused leakage of contaminants near the mine site.  [Note:  I’m not saying that Paul is invested in this particular mine.  I don’t know that.  He may be, but I do know that he is invested in no less than three other mines who do the same things as Minefinders to the people in the communities where they operate.]

When Minefinders has made all the money it can for Wall Street investors like Ron Paul and members of the U.S. Congress, they will leave the community high and dry to deal with a ruined environment (which often includes contaminated drinking water and polluted land that is unfit for human habitation) –just as ALL mining companies do, the world over.  and this is nothing new.  They have been doing this for over 200 years now and getting away with murder–due in great part to wealthy investors  like Ron Paul who don’t give a damn what it takes to put money in their pockets.

So don’t tell me that Ron Paul is a “good” guy, or that he is one of us because I will tell you that you need an education in a few hard core facts. The truth is that Ron Paul may very well be the biggest hypocrite in Washington DC.  He votes against Trade agreements but doesn’t hesitate to profit from them as a Wall Street investor.  He makes smart and astute observations regarding the war on drugs while at the same time, he literally puts money in his own pockets from the war on drugs.

Ron Paul can go to hell with the rest of the Wall Street liars and fakes in Washington DC.  VOTE THEM ALL OUT IN 2012–INCLUDING RON PAUL.

The very first question that any citizen should be asking of a candidate:  Do you own Wall Street stock?

If they answer “yes”, then don’t vote for them–unless you want more of the same


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