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Paulophobia: Will Robinson, Will Robinson Danger, Danger

One last bomb before I go. Katrina, Ralph, Glenn, Cenk, Dennis ect ect have seen the need for  Ron Paul.

We are set to change the direction of history in Iowa. We already have! with a 15% -20% dem crossover and likely more than 50% support from non-republicans, we expanded the base and totally fucked the republican party-they are livid( see the title).

I am honestly overwhelmed by joy and hope. I joined the revolution and am wallowing in its success. To all my brothers and sisters out there, I salute your great efforts. It is not easy as a progressive to advocate for Paul, your excellence of debate has made aprofound difference. Most of you will never know the depth of your contribution.

Be assured that The partisans and sell-outs and supporters of the status Quo-   their  time for honoring themselves will soon come to an end. In its place shall springforth peace, accountablity,and the beginning of the end for cesspool of corporate control for the 1%. I could not be prouder of you. well done, enjoy the show you deserve it

A very special thanks to those that afford us this great format to forward our views, especially when those views seem so wrong to so many. we all wish FDL a banner year and the best of success. that success is success we will all benefit from, the sincerest of good luck wishes.

Happy New Year

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