Good Enough For Playoff Work

Love the HuffPo teaser headline:

Why yes he did,

As Bronco’s fan sbruin noted below:

How to beat the Broncos.

1) Tell your defensive ends if they go upfield past Tebow, they will be fined.
2) See #1.

That’s it. If this were college, where the players are not quite as fast and not quite as strong, Tebow could run over some people. But in the NFL, where every single player is an All-American, you need to throw the ball past the line of scrimmage with accuracy. If you can’t do that then the defense will stack the run and that’s the ballgame. The Bills were the first team to figure it out–keep the ends a step in front of Tebow at all times–do not let him run around you because he’s strong and fast and he will. But if you’ve put up a wall in front of him, he has to throw.

6/22. A QB rating of 20. That’s exactly how good Tim Tebow is and will be until Coach Fox and company can figure out another way to win with a quarterback who can’t throw.

I’ve said all along that the person I feel for the most (and I actually feel bad for Timmy since I know he wants this so bad … his fans, like some followers of Jesus, not so much) is VP of Operations John Elway. He can try to trade Tebow to a franchise that wants him for the ticket-sales while they develop the rest of the team (hello! Jacksonville), but outside of that Tebow doesn’t have a lot of trade value since most head coaches don’t have a long leash when it comes to developing players, particularly high profile quarterbacks. Elway can either dip into the free agent market for someone with better upside/skills/experience whom he can spin as a “seasoned back-up” or he can expend a high draft pick for a quarterback which will have some of the Tebow-godsmacked fans howling at the moon over Elway’s lack of faith. Right now, I’d take Boise State’s Kellen Moore and that guy is a midget.

Pittsburgh next for what promises to be the last Teblood post of the season.

Unless Jesus intervenes…

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