Obama should get out while the getting’s good.

I can think of very few reasons for Obama to want another term.

Basic cost-benefit analysis indicates that the costs will far outweigh the benefits.


1.  Continue his corporate masters’ and cement their rule.  He wants to be one of them one day, and he almost is.  He’s not some ghetto offshoot.  He’s the son of a banker.  He never wanted for anything in his life.  He’s the prototypical 1% wannabe.  He went to Harvard law.  He has connections.  He has people, important people that owe him favors for all the taxpayer loot he let them steal and then all the taxpayer loot he funneled their way.  So all he has to do is get out now and he gets all the bennies and the benefits now.

2. Technically, the money issue is kinda moot.  Yes, he would garner more favors, including bribes, for all the work he can do for his masters during a second term.  But would it be significantly more than just one term?  And how much more could he do than he has already done?  (This list is fucking long … really fucking long.)  And considering he can jump off the bus he has been steering right now, and still realize his place in the plutocracy and have a boat load of loot, then why stay?  He’s already made out with a guarantee of a cush life for him and his.

3. Ego?  Maybe?  He doesn’t want to lose the next election?  No way.  He’s too smart for that.  At every step he has played America like an expert confidence man.  At every step.  He says all he right words at the right time.  “Don’t like ACA without a public option?  Well step onto my plane, … how you like my ACA now bitch?”  One of many instances where he has shown amazing focus on the task at hand.  Remember, evil, not stupid.

So what’s the significant benefit?  (Anyone who wishes to add to the benefits, please do.)  Read the scandal list.  Best 1% pawn EVER.  Better even than Clinton.  And unlike Clinton, he passed a federally mandated insurance company bailout, has been a major force of putting SS on the chopping block so the 1%er can dissect it and take the good parts, …  the list goes on, … I mean bloody hell it’s a long list, … never-ending wars, continued and expanded, NDAA, torture and rendition, continued and expanded, drone attacks, whistleblowers, banks didn’t do anything “illegal”, “look forward” (or what, we will see you’re lying azz?), … the list is long.  What else can he possibly do, significantly?  FEMA camps for Occupy?  At a certain point you gotta get while the going’s good.



1.  One of the best moments for Bush had to be when he could pawn of the shite pile he had made America into upon someone else.  Yup, 2008 election.  Imagine the relief he felt at passing that steaming pile of smelly, stinkin, watery, cholera-infested shite pile to the next.  I mean he must have breathed a major sigh of relief – “Finally this shite is over and now I can go enjoy my loot”.  Who cares if it’s “that guy” or McICrashedAnotherPlaneOopsMyBadNoWorriesTaxpayersPayForIt or really, Alaskan Barbie?  I mean they all work for the same team.  And the game is to carry the shite pile and make it grow, and then pass it to the next.  No worries, because at the end, the taxpayers will be the ones paying to clean up that shite pile.  So why doesn’t O just pass the shite pile?  I mean he’s gotten all he can really get (yes he can get more, but will it be significant?).  And does he really want to be around for another 4 years when that shite pile might explode in his face?  Why not get out now?  Pass the shite pile.  And go enjoy his loot.

2. The money issue.  Clinton, or as I refer to him El Douche, is making a killing out there.  He’s worth 100s of millions of dollars.  (Ya, I know it says he’s only worth 40 million, or 80 million depending on which website you check, but that’s total and utter bullshite.  Some say 100+ million too.)  Clinton made more money, a lot more, after he left office.  Most of these ex-douchebags, I mean ex-presidents, go to write books, and many serve on corporate boards and make a killing doing basically nothing.  So O would make even more money, especially since he has done more his corporate masters than Clinton, BII, BI, and Reagan combined.  As far as I’m concerned, the money issue falls squarely in the “get out of Dodge with the loot” category.  O should want to leave.

3. Another benefit of leaving is that it not only passes the buck, but it shifts attention away from you.  I mean who even talks about BII anymore? I mean really talk about him.  Not just saying his name as a symbol of the past presidency.  No, he’s safe and sound living the high-life while taxpayers pay for the protection of him and his family for life.  O can do what Clinton did, which is to rebrand himself as a philanthropist.  Just like that other douche Gore.  But he was only VP, so I call him El Douche Minor.  Gore’s an opportunistic whore, who’s making a killing on his “save the planet” schtick.  BTW, where was this same issue when he was VP and actually had power to do something about it?


So there’s my perspective on the cost-benefit analysis.  Discuss.  (BTW, I have trademarked the term El Douche Minor.)

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