To American Iranians … get your friends and family out of Iran, NOW!

Well CTuttle does another informative post about Iran and what’s going on.  We’re all FUBARed.  Eventually that is.  But first Iran.

So what do you do if you’re Iran?  I mean you got them to your left.  You got them to your right.  Up, down, over and around, … rock, hard place, meet Iran.  So the numbers don’t look good for Iran.

1. Israel.  They have nuclear weapons.  Why not lob a few into Tehran? Radioactive cloud that can actually affect Israel.  That and politics.  I mean how can Jew, anywhere, even mention the holocaust again after you nuke a country?  Even if you somehow avoid civilian targets totally (good luck with that, see how the US did it with Hiro and Nag), that’s a nice and very large radioactive cloud you’ve poisoned the Iranians with (anyone got any idea how many people will be affected over the decades following?).  But how long is that a deterrent?  I mean they’re literally foaming at the mouth at Israeli War HQ.  And what about all those tasty toys that they got from the US.  They got everything a growing boy needs, … even F-16s.  They got tanks, ant-aircraft, APCs, a full blown US taxpayer-paid arsenal.  They even have nuclear submarines.  And these have nuclear missiles.  Of course.  They got sticks.  They got stones.  Full blown land assault force.  And let’s not forget air superiority.  Even the seas are covered by the US allies/obsequious shills.

So who’s exactly betting for Iran in this “kinetic intersection”?  That would be the suckers.  It will be extremely bloody on both sides.  But Israel would win.  So why haven’t they gone to town all over Iran?  One, because it will be bloody.  Very bloody.  But most of that blood will be Iranian.  And we’re talking ocean’s full of blood.  We’re talking carpet bombing.  Of the whole bloody country.  There will be no Iranian who is not affected by this.  Israel will not only win, but they will HAVE TO literally annihilate those people.  Carpet bombing, day and night, for weeks.  Sending in massive number of troops to mop up.  With US soldiers along side.  Mop up what?  Well Iranians basically.  Soldier or not, the Iranians are FUBARed.  This ain’t no prize fight.  It’s going to be a street fight.  And Israel knows if they can’t wipe them off the face of this planet, the potential retaliatory strikes, even if by individuals, will be epic and more destructive than anything Israel has ever witnessed.

You see they can’t just hit their so-called “nuclear weapons WMD” sites.  They’re not there.  And Israel knows that any action along those lines will be an act of war.  Are they going to wait till Iran decides to retaliate?  Fuck no.  Israel isn’t stupid.  Does anyone honestly believe that there will be just 1 strike ONLY at these so called “WMD sites”?  What kind of alternate fucking reality are people living in?  What kind of delusional, tooth fairy reality are they living in? Israel (read Israel and allies) will go for the Iranian military.  Also infrastructure.  Power, food, oil, transportation routes, … (Imagine what would happen if you took out all electricity, including redundant electricity generation, for NYC, … and that’s what we’re talking about, except on a country-wide scale).

Luckily the modern society does not need electricity for … well ya, they’re totally FUBARed.  Forget clean water.  Forget light.  Forget hospitals.  Forget police or functioning government.  Oh it will function, but more like a butterfly when you pluck the wings off – oh it will function alright, just like they want it to; it will still have a pulse, … barely.  More people die from the “elements” than from phosphorus rains.

2. The US.  If the option is US occupation or rebel?  Mind you the Iranians, unlike Americans, have not forgotten that it was the US that deposed of their democratically-elected leader.  And then there’s Iraq, … and all that.  So if you’re and Iranian, what do you do?  What would any of us do if we were invaded by China?  Just take it?  Suffer their laws?  Their rules?  Their … subjugation?  What happened, and is happening, in Iraq isn’t whitewashed as it is here.  They will fight.  They will die.  But they will fight.  Most of them.  Because the alternative is the US occupation of Iraq-like situation.  Would anyone want that?  Fuck NO!

3. The British.  (Shite, shite, and more … you guessed it, more shite.)

4. Now it seems like Turkey’s ready to go as well.  Bloody coalition of the parasitic plutocrats.

Who else we got in the possibilities?  France is all over this.  Probably Germany as well.  And yes, German leaders are this stupid.

And then of course Russia.  Who, in the category of all-manner-of-fucked-up, may actually defend Iran.  They have been their trading partner after all.  And what about good old China?  Ya, those communists?

Mind you the PTB ain’t stupid.  If I was one of them, I would have already mentioned this and acted appropriately.  You want Iran isolated, no friends to help them, and ripe for the fall.  It will still be bloody.  Our Vietnam.

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