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Ron Paul:”Even the Nazis got trials.”

Goddamit, this is worth something.

I have earlier flirted with the lure of the one-issue constituent, or more precisely in Paul's case, three issues…) and I have humbly swallowed the inevitable scorn that (deservedly) is heaped upon one who would ignore acres of batshit crazy evil, so blinded by the beacon glare of an end to oppressive adventure abroad and at home.

And with props to t-mac, et al, I ask (plaintively) what is it worth for a national politician to stand up and say, "No, you can't simply snuff your enemies, no matter how convenient you find it to do so."?

I know that I can't put a precise price on this pearl, and I waver and cringe before the newsletters and the rather clumsy lies.

But, Precious Blood of the Sweet Baby Jesus, Paul is so right  on the Drug/surveillance/war and due process issues, and so alone in being right!

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