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Martin Luther King 1967 Speaks To Occupations Everywhere In America in 2011

For those of us who understand the critical historical moment we are in and who also understand that the Occupy movement represents the best hope we have as a people for fundamental changes in how our economic and political system works I recommend listening closely to the words of the man considered by many, including myself, to be a genuine prophet who walked among us and whose deep voice and powerful spirit can not only still be heard but felt in the bones of all those who have ears to hear.

In what direction should the Occupy movement be headed?  What is the  best means to have an impact on our system that is meaningful?  King has an answer to those questions and more. We must have the courage to disobey–to withdraw our consent and thus delegitimize the corrupt political and economic leadership of the nation. We must assert our rights and our power in unmistakable and resolute fashion. 

I highly recommend this short excerpt from a speech he gave in 1967.

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