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i will tell you why Romney Won’t Release Tax Returns..

imo….. he has a filing problem. He is a crafty, shifty, shiftless, coniving, hipocritical, smug, arrogant, bag of something. But that’s not why he won’t release his returns. Some say it’s because he didn’t pay any taxes. I believe it. He represents wallstreet banksters and their crooked ways. But that’s not why he won’t release his returns. Do you have an idea yet?

Let me help you. He lived in a basement. Of his son’s house. In Massachussettes. Are you figuring it out yet? He claimed he wanted to vote in the state of Massachussettes as a resident of Massachussettes. Are you getting my drift here?

I have a question for the coniving shiftless fogie. IN WHAT STATE DID HE FILE STATE INCOME TAXES OR SHOULD HAVE FILED INCOME TAXES? Ask him. Point blank. Mista (as in misty) Romney… in what state did you file taxes for income for the same years in which you also claimed to be a resident of Massachussettes irrespective of the fact that you claimed residency as a basement dweller?

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