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Charlotte 2012 – will it be even worse than Chicago 1968 for the Democrats?

(image: lwr/flickr)

(image: lwr/flickr)

There’ll be a big push to organize mass demonstrations at the Democrat and Republican conventions those demonstrations will be met by police violence (organized on a federal level) and vilification by the kept media, CNN, Faux, ABC, NBC, CBS and their print counterparts.

Calls for violence should be seen for what they are – the work of police provocateurs’. Every effort should be made to make the demonstrations as large and as peaceful as possible and to involve unions and left wing unionists and Occupy veterans in guaranteeing security and the right to say and march where and when we please. We should make it clear that we won’t be violent.

Beyond tha t, any suggestion of trying to pressure or reform the two major parties is an exercise in extreme naiveté and futility. Those parties belong to the rich. Our goal has to be to replace them and the capitalist government they ‘service’ with a workers government that insures the representation of people of color, single heads of a family, retired working people, immigrant and imported workers and GLBT workers.

While the political prostitutes at the Conventions discuss austerity, ‘internal security’ and ‘national security’ our goals should include proposing a new constitution that enshrines and enlarges the Bill of Rights, shackles and disarms the police and criminalizes attempts to limit the rights of workers to organize and democratically control the commanding heights of industry, transportation, agriculture and finance.

We need a constitutional amendment guaranteeing trade union levels of pay for every worker, trainee worker, unemployed worker and retired worker, with annual adjustments for inflation, based on the highest trade union wage scales, with a 30 hour work week, paid at the rate of 40 hours to eliminate unemployment that also applies to immigrant and imported workers.

We need constitutional amendments mandating decent housing, free education all the way, a minimum 30 day annual vacation, a year off at full pay for parents or adopted parents of each child, and a guarantee of adequate nutrition.

We need a constitutional amendment mandating socialized medicine and laws mandating crash programs to deal with HIV/AIDS, breast and prostate cancer, malnutrition induced diabetes and the development of new therapies based on stem cell research.

We need a constitutional amendment making it a crime punishable by death to attempt to involve the US, by the use of deceit, lies and misinformation, in wars to protect the profitability of corporations.

We need a constitutional amendment stipulating that if a privately owned business, agricultural, financial, insurance or medical corporation is not able to sustain itself without layoffs, wage cuts, price gouging and polluting that it be immediately nationalized without compensation and run by a council of workers and consumers.

We need a constitutional amendment declaring it a crime punishable by life at hard labor without the possibility of parole to give, or to conspire to give public money to private corporations for any reason.

We need a constitutional amendment making it a crime punishable by life at hard labor without hope of parole to incite, or to conspire to incite racist, homohating and anti-female violence.

We need a constitutional amendment guaranteeing the separation of cult and state by taxing cults at the same rate as other entertainment industry corporations and secularizing, without compensation, cult schools, medical facilities, colleges and universities to prevent rape.

These proposals are not chump change, they’re a real deal and they’d fundamentally change  us to the same degree as the results of the battles of Yorktown and those leading to Appomattox did. We have to be clear, the two parties are irremediably right wing, not open to reform and will never accept these proposals, no matter how reasonable they are . Democrats and Republicans won’t – because they can’t –  meet the needs of tens of millions of workers and young people who are beginning to adopt a socialist perspective. It’d be self defeating to go to the conventions begging or tying ourselves to any degree to the twin parties of war, economic chaos and bigotry.

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Bill Perdue

Bill Perdue