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Watercooler: 100 Years Ago Today

Inez Barbour recorded this song Love Never Dies (no, not the sequel to Andrew Lloyd Weber’s Phantom) in Victor’s sound recording studio in Camden New Jersey exactly 100 years ago today! It’s wild to think about a recording 100 years ago for one thing – and that so many are preserved for another.

Mahler Solists at American Philadelphia  Premiere 1916

And as it turns out, on the opposite side of the country in San Francisco, her future husband was on a mid-week break from his new job – as the first Music Director of the San Francisco Symphony – which turns 100 this year too!

In 1911, every podium of every major orchestra in the United States was occupied by leaders from the far side of the Atlantic. All the more extraordinary that Henry Hadley, the San Francisco Symphony’s first Music Director, was an American. Not until Michael Tilson Thomas assumed the orchestra’s leadership in 1995, eighty years after Hadley’s departure, would another American occupy the post.

The picture above is from 1916 – 5 years after this recording I embedded. She became quite the star. Then these two stars married 2 years later in 1918 and both had lovely careers for quite some time.

Oh and that Leopold Stokowski chap in the center of the pic above? He was the fellow who was the conductor in Disney’s Fantasia. Disney rejected Andrew Lloyd Weber for the 2000 version of Fantasia

Just a little six-degrees-of-seperation from 100 years ago today.

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Kelly Canfield

Kelly Canfield