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Saint Ron Paul is a greedy Wall Street multimillionaire hypocrite just like the rest of them.

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To listen to some Ron Paul fans, one would think that he is in line right after Jesus and  the Virgin Mary.

“Taint so” folks.  Ron Paul is no different from the 44% of our Congress who are Wall Street multimillionaires.  Like them, he too has gotten rich off the lives of workers from the 99%–not only in the USA, but the world.

But don’t take my word for it.  Look up Ron Paul and his Wall Street investments in Open Secrets. Figure it out for yourself.  It will have more meaning if you do.

Ron Paul increased his wealth from $3,930,000 in 2008 to $5,064,000 in 2009 – over a million dollars richer.  Yep, Saint Ron Paul made over a million bucks in the Wall Street Casino at a time when millions of Americans were losing their jobs and homes.  Ron Paul is no different from any other greedy millionaire Wall Street shyster that we have “representing” us in Congress.

You think Ron Paul cares about people?  Think again.  If he did, he would not invest in corporations known for murdering their workers.

Mr. Paul, a millionaire five times over, has several million of his assets invested in numerous mining corporations including three of the worst mining corporations in the world: Anglogold Ashanti Ltd $250,001 to $500,000 According to Forbes AngloGold Ashanti was accused in 2007 in Colombia for “murders of trade union and community leaders who opposed the company’s activities in the region”. Barrick Gold $100,001 to $250,000 Barrick Gold is known for its tactics in “suppressing dissident voices, dividing communities, and manipulating local and national politics”. And speaking of “Freedom”, Barrick Gold is famous for their lack of free, prior and informed consent for local people”. Newmont Mining $250,001 to $500,000 -In August 2004, the Indonesian Ministry of Environment filed a US $133.6 million civil lawsuit against Newmont, claiming the company’s Minahasa Raya mine contaminated local fish stocks, causing serious illness and death for nearby villagers.

Those from the 99% who think that Ron Paul represents them are at least as big of a fool as those who still buy into the myth of a two-party system.

We have a one-party Wall Street System in Washington DC today and Ron Paul is a player in that system–just like the majority in Washington DC.

Montana has the right idea. They are recalling their fakes.  They are not waiting until November of 2012 to toss them out.

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Liz Berry

Liz Berry