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Occupy Supply State of the Occupation: 65 Encampments on 12/28/2011

Santa Cruz bank protesters wearing Occupy Supply hats

Santa Cruz bank protesters wearing Occupy Supply hats

Not much change to our list of full time encampments this week. We go to 65 encampments as Occupy Bellingham faces an 11:30 am PT eviction today and moves to the “threatened with eviction” list, but since the rash of raids on the 23rd, there hasn’t been much action. (Homeland Security must be giving staff the week off for the holidays.)

FDL OccupySupply State of the Occupation: Updated List of Encampments Across the Country

Occupy Oakland sets up camp again — this time in a vacant lot in west Oakland. Because of the ongoing war between Homeland Security’s Oakland Headquarters Mayor Jean Quan and the occupiers, we’re moving them from the “moved indoors” list to the “threatened with eviction” list.

The Times Union says Occupy Albany is “trying to avoid the fate that has beset many Occupy groups elsewhere that have withered once their spotlight of a public encampment was dismantled by police,” but says the occupiers “concede they may be moving beyond trying to form a settlement.” Good luck with that.

BIg photo in the LA Times of Occupy Iowa protester being marched away in handcuffs by police after being arrested for occupying Democratic Headquarters, wearing a red Occupy Supply hat. If anyone knows her name or how to contact her, drop me a line at members AT firedoglake DOT com. Would love to congratulate her and see if there are any more ways we can help.

Occupy Santa Fe, which has been on the endangered species list, may be closing down. Occupy Bellingham also moves onto that list after the city gives them a notice to vacate by next Wednesday.

Occupy Scranton, which was raided last week, is negotiating with the city to return to Courthouse Square. The protesters want to bring their tents back. The city has agreed to let them leave their information table, so for the time being they move onto the “tents or booths” list.

Occupy Louisville is fighting the city’s attempt to evict them.

Occupy London takes over the Shoreditch courthouse, which has been empty since 1996. Occupiers say they will be “using the courthouse, renamed Occupy Justice, to ‘put the 1 percent on trial’ by inviting people they believed had caused the financial crisis to defend themselves.” The corporation that bought the building hopes to turn it into a luxury hotel, and will attempt to evict them starting January 3. If anyone has a contact with the protesters, let me know. We’d be thrilled to send them some supplies.

Snitch nation: Police in Santa Cruz say they “need the public’s help to identify protesters in the photos” of occupiers who stormed a former Santa Cruz bank building and occupied it for three days earlier this month. That’s 30 more than the number of bankers they’ve arrested for forcing local residents out of their homes by violating loan modification and foreclosure relief settlements with the state, I’d wager. (Thanks to the person who sent in the above photo of protesters at the bank wearing Occupy Supply hats. Santa Cruz police…don’t even ask.)

Infrared cameras being used to spot the number of people in tents at night in Occupy Bristol. Same kind of technology was used in Occupy Boise. Militarizing police forces around the world isn’t just for Homeland Security any more. Good to know the global austerity craze demands grandma eat catfood, but god forbid the 104th largest city in the US do without a ten thousand dollar specialty porno camera to snoop on people in their beds.

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