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End Of The World, Part I

I put forth to you the proposition that the world is coming to an end from being abused and beaten by a system that does not work nor fit the way the reality of the planet lives in the balance of recycling of life and death in the normal of way of things that evolved over the past milleniums.

I am reminded of Easter Island and the 3 monkeys.. hearno, seeno, and speakno.

I see like the earthquake that separates lands from lands and another that separates people from people and life from life.

I see the disparaging of sacredness and the disrespect for the very foundation of planetary life support which disrespect is being touted as if people were the masters of the planet and not vice versa.

One could merely suppose it’s the old “we can do anything and we can fix anything” attitude gone awry. But common sense would prevail the normal man and such a man being modest and humble would see his folly, laugh at himself and change. Sure, but somehow that combination didn’t happen. That normally humble person didn’t carry that attitude, someone else did. A different person type, not humble but instead competitive. And that competitive person would have been quite satisfied with having more than he could handle had it not been for the sudden appearance of the related interests in supporting and promoting his winnings.

Now the 1%er winner told his fan club that he has plenty and needs no more. To his surprise he was swarmed with offers, even threats – being as wealthy as he was and making hemself a target for the takers. The competition feed on the 1%er heated up. The best offer came from those who promised him that not only would they cost him nothing, they would protect him from losses and increase his wealth. How could a decent man refuse such a generous offer like that.

The affliction grows. What was once a competive and reckless attitude has now mutated into a system that seeks to do nothing but gather and gain as if the competition for resources was the general public themselves. Whereas once the people of the planet were rewarded for work and earned a standard of modest comfort, they are now targets of the new clan who need to feed and justify their existence to the boss man.

When that feeding frenzy ends, something weird is going to happen. The clans will have a problem. They have everyhing, the people have nothing. Of course the clansmen will need protection and then enlist their tribal members and before long, everyone will belong to a clan. This is the point of no return. Nothing to fall back on. No PLAN B.

All the 1%ers can see from their perch are the other 1%ers and their clans. Presumeably they can live together and just divide up the world in a nice sharing fashion. NOT. When one breaks, they all break in the race to “own the planet”. Making fair lasting good honest deals in not in their dna. They will egage in that Bond style war of TWD (Total World Domination) in a playoff where winner takes all.

In that world, it’s eat or be eaten. Rule or be ruled. It will look more like the hot sun at noon breathing down on a circle of 1%ers on the draw of the (not so) good, bad and ugly. And what’s to stop them? A sense of decency? fairness? right? wrong? good? bad? In a world where you an legitimately torture people because they are the enemy and kill before arrest and trial, steal people’s homes with a rubber stamp, dismiss their life support because it’s costly, or take their entire town because you have a better use for it….

And the reward for the winner of the clan wars will get do what? More than likely he will have no use for all the people who want to live, work the land, build a life, at his expense since he owns everything. What’s to stop him?

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