Is this what these two booksellers want people to spend their gift cards on?

Joe King is the genius behind this trash being hawked at Amazon and at Barnes & Noble. ChrisLove at Daily Kos has been working on this story, which only gets worse.

On Amazon, you can view the inside of the calendar, but it’s difficult to make much of the wording out.  But you’ll notice from the “We All Have AIDS” sign that for February, the cartoonist makes AIDS a target of his “Christian humor.”  Yeah, because nothing says “Christian humor” like a good AIDS joke.

…The many, many negative reviews of this calendar are encouraging.  If you feel so inclined, please consider writing a review on Amazon or the Barnes & Noble website.  Also consider sending an e-mail and/or making a phone call.  The only way Amazon and Barnes & Noble will get the message is with lots and lots of feedback.  And if you have Twitter, tweet them.  And write on their Facebook walls!  Contact/Twitter/Facebook information is below.

AmazonE-Mail: Click here.
Phone: 1-800-201-7575
Twitter: @Amazon
Facebook: Click here.

Barnes & Noble

E-Mail: Click here.
Phone: 1-800-THE-BOOK (1-800-843-2665)
Twitter: @BN_care (Customer service)
Facebook: Click here.

The Amazon rep that he called actually said “Surely somebody wouldn’t make something like this in this day and age.” Perhaps they just fell off of the turnip truck, but this nasty level of vitriol is just too commonplace to be a surprise. What is surprising, however, is the response from King to the dustup. On Facebook he said (my emphasis):

Hoo-we! Hell hath no fury like a he/she scorned… The telephone tree of tantrums is lit up like a Las Vegas marquee for “Boy-Lesque” today with hate mail, threats of boycott and even the risk of Jesus spitting on me for my “Sissy” calendar. I SAID I WAS A SISSY UP FRONT. Ironic who the real bullies are isn’t it? Let’s see if I get a call from Oprah’s people or even Anderson Cooper…

And the “punchline” of sorts…

The “truth” is that AIDS is an “elective” disease.
It STOPS the day guys quit sticking it to each other.
And for the tragedy of women and children infected…
THAT stops the day their gay husbands and fathers stop cheating on them.
Anyone need MORE education, science or funding to understand THAT?

Wow. Where do you go from here?

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding