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Late Night: GOP Epic Fail!

It is really tragic when the mouthpiece of conservatism’s fill-in host has uncovered that no one in the GOP is worthy of running. Today, Rush Windbag’s guest blatherer, Mark Belling, actually made sense when he basically said that no one running for the Republican nomination is qualified, though he cited some reasons that only make sense to conservatives.

Along with pointing out Mittens is well, Mittens, it seems Newt must be cast off the island, because he supported Romneycare. Aside from his stance on business, Ron Paul is a


Yes, Belling called Ron Paul a wingnut! At that point I had to get out of the car, because I was at my appointment. But wow. And the hits keep coming. That frothy mixture of . . . um, Rick Santorum said today:

If I finish dead last behind the pack I’m going to pack up and go home.

stating elsewhere that

If you want to send a message to the man, those are the folks that are the experts, the folks that are trying to shape this race….If you want to stick it to the folks who want to shape the debate and think they can tell you who you should pay attention to, as opposed to you who have been on the ground listening to all the candidates, this is where you step up and say, ‘No, you don’t get to decide…’

Then he went pheasant hunting.

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Lisa Derrick

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