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Rich Lowry’s Lost that Tingling Feeling

The National Review's "A Team"

Poor sad little Rich. Today he echoes the conservative lament that the GOP just “doesn’t have our A Team on the field.”   “A” apparently stands for Anonymous, because he has trouble even imagining who that might be.   After mentioning Bobby Jindal as a possibility, poor sad Rich moans that Bobby is already campaigning for Rick Perry, which to everyone except Lowry is a clue that his idea of “A Team” is someone who slobbers over a complete doofus who has trouble counting to three.

The second Rich solution is a convention in which all the non-Romneys prevent the real Romney from getting the nod, and the great white hope emerges from  . . . who knows?

Earth to Rich Lowry:  this is a called an oxymoron; the GOP does not have an “A Team.”  And the conservative kooks who are driving the nomination process are turning the entire party into F troop — as in FAIL.

I don’t think Rich will see the connection, but he might think about what Paul Krugman writes today, expressing satisfaction — or is it relief — that EPA has managed to promulgate new rules to limit mercury emissions from the dirtiest coal plants in America:

With everything else that has been going on in U.S. politics recently, the G.O.P.’s radical anti-environmental turn hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves. But something remarkable has happened on this front. Only a few years ago, it seemed possible to be both a Republican in good standing and a serious environmentalist; during the 2008 campaign John McCain warned of the dangers of global warming and proposed a cap-and-trade system for carbon emissions. Today, however, the party line is that we must not only avoid any new environmental regulations but roll back the protection we already have.

And I’m not exaggerating: during the fight over the debt ceiling, Republicans tried to attach riders that, as Time magazine put it, would essentially have blocked the E.P.A. and the Interior Department from doing their jobs.

Oh, by the way, you may have heard reports to the effect that Jon Huntsman is different. And he did indeed once say: “Conservation is conservative. I’m not ashamed to be a conservationist.” Never mind: he, too, has been assimilated by the anti-environmental Borg, denouncing the E.P.A.’s “regulatory reign of terror,” and predicting that the new rules will cause blackouts by next summer, which would be a neat trick considering that the rules won’t even have taken effect yet.

Sorry, Rich, but there are barely enough letters in the alphabet to describe the horror the conservative movement has made of the GOP.  More from Whiskey Fire and John Cole.

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