Now that Xmas is finally over, can we please, for the love of Dawg, get back to business as usual?!

Ain’t no rest for the wicked.  We got bills to pay.  We got mouths to feed.  (paraphrased Cage the Elephant)  We got people to kill.  They’re not going to kill themselves.  Let’s help them out …

So how many wars are we in?  The Leader says Iraq is done.  Woohoo, one less war … oh wait …  Lying POS overlooks all the private military contractors and mercs still there.  Oh ya, and the “trainers”.  Bang up job those “trainers” are doing, BTW.  Bang up job on the reconstruction.  Bang up job on graft.  I guess we really are giving them “democracy”, American style.  Growing corruption at every level.  American style.  Reconstruction a total joke.  After 10 years, can’t get the infrastructure back to Saddam’s level.  Electricity generation is still a dream.  Cost overruns?  You bet your sweet American capitalistic azz.  If there’s no profit in it, then what’s the point?  Free market baby.  American style, aka unmatched incompetence at every level.  We might as well put Bremer back in charge.

So now we have how many wars?  Are we counting Pakistan as well?  You know, since we keep killing Pakistani soldiers.  Just saying …

Hey I’m all for American cowboy fucktard “diplomacy”, ie. point a gun at their heads and tell them to do it.  But can we smarter about this?  Or is this the wrong crowd, ie. America, to suggest such a thing?  Every time a soldier kills an Iraqi, their family and all their friends see the American flag on the arms of the killer.  They will hate us with a passion that is unmatched on any level, … FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES.  And they will pass this on to their children and their children’s children.  Oh ya, kudos to the British and Canadians for proudly wearing their flags on their arms.  Follow your allies?  Well hope they like it really hot.  Because we’re apparently going to the gates of hell, and the British and Canadians are following us there.

So while we’re going to the gates of hell, can we please be smart about it?  Can we please tell our soldiers not to wear the US flag on their arms?  Can they wear some other flag?  Maybe instead of a flag, how about a smiley face?  Or if we want to be accurate, how about a corporate logo.  Maybe the logo of Exxon or BP, or whoever stealing their resources and whose interests the soldiers are actually protecting?  While we’re killing their families, destroying and raping their country, let’s be honest about who’s doing this.  Ya ya, I know, those are American soldiers.  American tanks.  American bullets.  Bought and paid for by American taxpayers.  But why be stupid about this?  A corporation can just change their name.  AIG did it in a heartbeat.

Valujet became ATA.

Blackwater morphed into Xe.

And New Kids on the Block changed to NKOTB.

Plus, as we noted earlier, “toxic assets” today became “legacy loans.”

Amidst all this re-branding, AIG has emerged as AIU Holdings.

Think about it.  From now on, we just start putting AIG on soldiers’ uniforms.  AIG is now AIU Holdings.  Ya it’s a lie.  But who cares!  The entire Iraq war was a lie.  We’re just being consistent, American style.

The commercialization of Xmas time is now over.  We had our 2 (???) days of lying to ourselves about peace on earth and all that other tripe.  Back to the war.  The unending and merciless wars.  And we still have more countries to “make safe for democracy”.

“This is a memo that describes how we’re going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran.”

I mean those countries aren’t going to invade themselves people.  We still got Syria, Lebanon, Somalia, Sudan, …  “we” did however get Libya so kudos to us.  Drone attacks may be a kinetic action.  But that American flag on their side means only one thing.  Oh ya, can we please stop putting American flags on the our war machines.  I say we put smiley faces.  Or other emoticons.  Do we always have to put a giant bullseye on America?  Those who continue this must hate America, right?  And on our tanks we can put bumper stickers: “How do you like my killing?  Call 1-800-kiss my ass … if you’re still alive”.

So let’s get this party going.  On to Iran.  Rock the casbah.