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The “Silk Purse” Among Military Vets

The “silk purse” among military vets

This is the wonderful response from another of our extended family members from here in the Sonoran Desert, albeit, serving our nation, far from home.  And thusly, the emails from Mark to Dave and Dave’s response to Mark, say it all relative to the continued “spit and polish” first learned in the Armed Forces.  And posted on the web site of the Chicano Veterans Organization and done with permission from both.

“God bless you for this, Herr Lippi.

“I have just participated in the consumption of a 5-litre box of Italian red wine–quite decent if I may say–provided by one of our German FO’s.

“This is the benefit of Silk:  Pulling together for group inebriation.

“Aqua-velva is not unknown to me:  When I was aboard the aircraft carrier JFK–I noticed that there was a “shit load” of aqua velva in the ship’s store.  Turns out–the sailors drink it–filtered through bread…I will explain that at some future date.

“Best to you this holiday season!.  May you not have to stoop to drinking this shit.”

And my thoughts on this is that these two emails demonstrate that America’s “spit and polish” continues a pace.

Jaango–posted on December 25, 2011

The Load Master’s Christmas Day Libation?

Earlier this morning, I had the pleasure to talking to my old friend, Mark Lippi and who just returned from the Midlle East.  To wit, he is a pilot, and has traveled the world, many times, and told me of his conversation with his buddy, Dave, the Load Master on his plane and whom is stuck in Baku on this Christmas Day.  Thus, Mark was wonderfully kind for having shared his “recipe” with Dave and as well with us, here at our Chicano Veterans Organization.  And as an added thought on my part, this email reminds of my days when the “fixin’s” weren’t easily available, snd so, I had to “make do” with what’s always readily available.  So here goes, in the form of an email!

Dear Dave,

After chatting this morning, you stuck in Baku and all, and myself feeling particularly charitable due the season. I thought I’d share my coveted recipe for Christmas punch.

Please understand this has been passed down from generation to generation, and is in it’s original un-adulterated form.

1. Aqua-Velva. 1 flask

2. Egg 1 large

3. Milk ( optional ) 2 cups

4. Nutmeg ( optional ) Pinch

5. Sugar ( optional ) 1 tbs

6. Vanilla ( optional ) Splash

The most difficult part of this recipe, seems to be finding a reliable source of Aqua-Velva. Over the years I have found the best place to begin your search is with the loadmaster, any loadmaster worth his salt, has an abundant supply, and can usually be enticed with little effort, having said that, a thorough search of ones own bag, can sometimes be rewarding.

Eggs can usually be located with minimal effort, but in a pinch an Egg-McMuffa can be substituted. This should be done with care, and only as a last resort!

All other ingredients are optional, and can be included or not as desired.

At first you may not saver the beauty of these little concoctions, but after five or six, you will no doubt develop an appreciation for them.

A word to the wise, Electra-Shave may be substituted for the Aqua-Velva but never mix the two.

Enjoy and Bon Appetite!
Merry Christmas


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